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Denver yoga calendar, week of March 9, 2020

Denver yoga calendar, week of March 9, 2020Whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner or teacher, you’ll find your perfect yoga workshop or event in this week’s Denver yoga calendar. The calendar includes meditation, sound healing and Kirtan events, too.

Monday, March 9: If you’re new to yoga, start with Yvette Costa’s Intro to Yoga – Beginners Class this evening at Buka Yoga. This 6-week series covers some of the basics of yoga poses and breath, with lots of time for questions.

Set your intentions to the moon’s energy at the Full Moon Moving Meditation with Bri Wells tonight at Asana Studio. Or relax and get clear at Katie B. Smith’s Full Moon Meditations tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Channel the full moon’s energy to accelerate emotional healing.

Tuesday, March 10: Focus on the First Noble Truth at Denise Bickel’s Guided Sitting Meditation this evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. Learn to lean into the pain that is inevitable in life without expectation and resistance.

Make your own mala at Kristin Hanna’s free workshop this evening at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Bring your own mala kit or purchase one at the studio.

Thursday, March 12: Learn how to manifest from a place of presence and acceptance at Zen of Finance – Workshop 1 with financial planner Alex Macfarlane tonight at ColorUp Therapeutics. Attract and create wealth and peace through manifestation techniques, meditation, Zen and Buddhist concepts and group work.

Friday, March 13: Check out Brittany Kassel’s Soundscape Vinyasa: Live Cello Flow this evening at Kindness Yoga South Broadway. The class combines a slow fluid flow with live music from Katie Burns. Wear white or neon clothing to Jules Beedle’s Black Light Yoga tonight at Whole Yoga. Or explore practicing and teaching intermediate and advanced poses at Stephanie Kroack’s Free Monthly Friday Night Seminar at Indi Yoga. Break down challenging poses into their components to make them available to all participants.

Discuss, practice yoga and meditate together at POC Night with Morgan Rodriguez at Kindness Platte Street. Explore your journey of understanding  colonization, race and why representation matters. White friends and allies are respectfully asked refrain from attending.

Find stillness at Yin Yoga with Crystals & Shamanic Healing with Jocelyn Hunter and Shanin Weisberg tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Feel into your energy field with this slow, meditative practice set to shamanic percussion and medicine chants. Call upon the earth’s energy by creating a crystal grid and sacred circle. Get divine messages in a group intuitive reading.

Explore the transcendental qualities of Mystic Mantras at tonight’s Mind Free Friday with Santosh Powell at Karma Yoga Center. Practice Kirtan to invoke the cosmic energies within.

The Iyengar Yoga Center Denver hosts Elise Miller for a weekend workshop. Start tonight with Yoga for the Upper Back. Lengthen the spine with traction and work to de-rotate the spine and ribs at Yoga for Scoliosis tomorrow morning. Address the pelvis, sacrum and lumbar spine during Saturday afternoon’s Yoga for the Lower Back. Elise’s workshop wraps up on Sunday morning with an intermediate yoga practice focused on standing poses, back bends, and inversions. Watch Elise’s sequence of circles with the belt in the video below.

Teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga with Marissa Angeletti begins tonight and continues through Sunday at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Learn a somatically-informed approach to yoga, including how and what yoga postures to teach. Explore how difference and privilege impact trauma.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, sign up for Kristine Whittle’s Restorative Yoga Training Level I beginning tonight and continuing through Sunday at Axis Yoga. Get a comprehensive understanding of 24 restorative postures that you can integrate into your practice. Learn to confidently teach a restorative yoga class including precise verbal cues, hands-on adjustments, prop use and modifications.

Saturday, March 14: Join Paige Mack for a gentle vinyasa flow practice this morning at ColorUp Therapeutics to support The Breasties, a nonprofit that hosts events for those affected by breast and reproductive cancers. Or check out the Yoga & Live Cello Music class and Open House today at Rhythm Art & Yoga. Reserve your spot for Maria’s gentle morning yoga class set to Joe D’Esposito’s live cello music (watch Joe perform Oceania with the Bjork Band in the video below). Stay afterwards to use the art supplies, yoga props and wellness books during open studio.

Learn How to Develop a Healthy and Sustainable Relationship with Food with Rachel Beck this afternoon at Yoga Pod Lowry. Instead of suffering your way to “skinny,” make peace with food. Or sign up for Ayurveda Lifestyle Foundations with Helgrid Randolph and Hansa Knox today at PranaYoga. Learn about the qualities of the doshas and how to balance them with food. Explore Ayurvedic meal planning, and then cook lunch together. Discuss how to create your own daily routine to help balance the doshas.

Experience self-healing treatments at Caitlin Lange’s Traditional Usui Reiki 1st Degree Training today at MahaSoul or Stacy McDonald’s Reiki Level I Training this afternoon at Elevate Yoga. Receive the 1st degree attunement for the lifelong ability to channel the Reiki energy.

Attend the donation-based Guided Breath + Mantra Meditation with Yashoda Devi Ma this afternoon at The Subtle Mind (watch the video below to learn the benefits of meditation). Improve your range of motion, balance and core strength at Manav Bagga’s Skateboard Yoga late this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Rino. Tap into your Soul purpose at Julia Mikk’s The Breakthrough Experience this afternoon at Soul Tree South Studio. Or, if you’re a yoga teacher, sign up for Karin B.’s Study of the Chakras this and tomorrow afternoon at Littleton Yoga Center. Expect discussion, breathing, chanting, movement and deep relaxation.

Learn the art of Essential Oils for Energetic Hooks and Chakra Clearing with Becca Terry and Tanette Schneider this afternoon at Yoga Pod Denver West. Or try Acupuncture, Essential Oils and Sound Healing tonight at Elevate Yoga. Experience Kundalini breathing techniques. Then essential oils and needles are placed in your hands, feet and third eye area while you relax to the vibrations of the crystal singing bowl and gong.

Access your deep inner wisdom at Transformational Breathwork with Juniper Jane and Aaron Jacobson tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Step into your sacred purpose through the breath, energetic release work, chakra-attuned music, art and group processing.

Sunday, March 15: Build strength and increase self-confidence at Michelle Stanger’s Buti Yoga class this morning at Full Circle Yoga. Buti Yoga blends yoga with cardio and plyometrics. Or challenge yourself at the Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop with Brittany Hopkins midday at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Learn how to enter and exit arm balances as well as how to progress in your inversions.

Honor the Creative and Wild Feminine at Kaitlin Jackson’s Mandala Art and Yoga Workshop this afternoon at The Mama’hood. Meditation, journaling and art are woven into this mandala yoga flow.

Restore with the Earth with Julia Lyons this afternoon at Ceremony Center for Healing. Start with a grounding meditation accompanied by aromatic herbs and tea. Then receive intuitive Earth-Centered Shamanic healing during the restorative yoga practice.

If you’re a yoga teacher or small business owner, learn How to Market Yourself with Felicia Marti this afternoon at Asana Studio. Explore easy ways to use social media. Get clearer in your messaging and evaluate what you’re charging. Get 2 digital headshots.

Get your ticket online for Beginning Tantra with The Tantrikas Next Door this and every other Sunday afternoon at Urban Sanctuary. Connect to your heart’s wisdom through classical, Taoist and Osho-based Tantric exercises.

Explore the Bandhas + Diaphragm at Devon Sweeney’s Energetic Alignment workshop this afternoon at Lacuna Juice and Yoga. Use the diaphragm and internal muscular activation to get stability and strengthen your physical framework. Refine your awareness of the locks that protect and facilitate energy flow.

Celebrate Spring Equinox with Ann Martin’s Sound Meditation late this afternoon at Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa. Elevate consciousness and positive intentions using sacred sound and visualization.

Focus on Sahasrara Chakra as the Chakra Healing Workshop Series wraps up this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Open and balance the 7th Chakra through specific breath and meditation practices. Connect to your heart space at Divine Transmissions with Lisa Marie, aka Shakti Ma, this evening at MahaSoul.  Or relax deeply at Farrah Forsyth’s Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Workshop tonight at Yoga Junction. Melt away tension in soothing poses while heated basalt stones rest on your body.


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