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Denver yoga calendar, week of February 24, 2020

Denver yoga calendar, week of February 24, 2020Dive deeper into your practice with a Leap Year week event, workshop or special class. Explore the 5 elements, learn about Katonah Yoga, or process trauma or grief. You’ll find all of this and more in this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Tuesday, February 25: Try Intro to AcroYoga with Lauren Moon and Yogi Roo this and every Tuesday night at GenFit. Practice and review the fundamentals of AcroYoga.

Wednesday, February 26: Dive deeper into your mindfulness practice at the monthly Meditation + Inquiry with Jackie Huberty this evening at Container Collective. Sign up in advance for this practice, with love donations going to a worthy cause.

Thursday, February 27: Study the Heart & Lungs with Laura Allard-Antelmi this afternoon at Iyengar Yoga Center of Boulder’s Anatomy Study Studio. Or connect with other mothers at Dr. Noreen Zaman’s free Mamas Circle this and every Thursday afternoon at Kindness Yoga Stanley Marketplace.

Learn to teach kids yoga at the Children’s Yoga 95-hour Teacher Training with Yogiful and Kids Yoga Guide at Yoga Hive Colorado. The 1st module begins tonight and continues through Sunday. Learn 3 easy steps to teaching kids yoga along with classroom management skills. If you’re a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, take all 5 modules (and teach 30 hours) to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher.

Commit to Abbie Galvin’s 30-Hour Katonah Yoga Training that begins this morning and continues through Sunday at Lacuna Juice and Yoga. Katonah Yoga blends classical Hatha yoga and Taoist theory with geometry, mythology, metaphor, and magic. Explore the Katonah Yoga method of hands-on adjustments, body reading, prop work and more. Watch the Katonah Yoga introductory video below.

Friday, February 28: Feel, share and heal at the Awakening through Grief 6-Week Yoga Therapy Program begins this afternoon at Urban Sanctuary. Get introduced to this somatic-based approach to grief work and to the 9-month yoga therapy program. Expect yoga, guided meditation, journaling and group sharing.

Join Cheryl Deer for Yoga and Wisdom through the 5 Elements this weekend at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Build a stable foundation through balancing postures at this evening’s Yoga and the Earth Element practice. Promote spinal mobility though fluid movement at Yoga and the Water Element midday tomorrow. Build heat with twists and core work at Yoga and the Fire Element late afternoon tomorrow. Observe the relationship between breath, thought and experience on Sunday, as the workshop wraps up with Yoga and the Air/Ether Element. Watch Cheryl Attune and Balance the Energy Chakras in the video below.

Integrate movement, breath and essential oils at Heidi Schumacher’s Aroma Flow Workshop this evening at Container Collective. Layer 8 essential oils and blends to reduce stress, toxin levels and inflammation. Check out the Tibetan Cranial Clinic this evening at The Co-op at 1st. RSVP for tonight’s House Kirtan with Sharanam Kirtan. Or dance, meditate or relax at Lauren Gale’s Mind Free Friday: Healing Soundbath tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Lauren uses musical styles ranging from indigenous sounds to electronic music for this eclectic sound journey.

Saturday, February 29:
If you’re a yoga teacher, learn How to Teach Alignment at this weekend’s Clarity and Precision workshop with Alex Lee-Ammons at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Focus on alignment and biomechanics to add specificity and depth to your cueing and sequencing. Expect teaching drills and yoga posture practice. Join Alex for one day or for the full workshop.

Learn, share and connect at the Yin + Yang Tour for Self-Compassion & Discipline today at Urban Sanctuary. This day-long engagement features local womxn-owned businesses and sound healers.

Rest your mind at Satya Larrea’s Meditation Intensive today at Whole Yoga. This mostly silent day includes brief teachings as well as several briefly guided seated and walking meditations. Or pre-register to make your own mala at Taylor Rose Worden’s workshop this afternoon at Yoga Pod Lowry.

Join Rachel Beck for Your Pelvic Floor Could Be More: Yoni Yoga for Women this afternoon at Yoga Pod Lowry. Strengthen and relax your pelvic floor using Mula Bandha, Jade Eggs and updated Kegels to increase abdominal tone, prevent organ prolapsed, reverse incontinence and maximize pleasure.

Navigate Yoga with Neck, Shoulder and Wrist Pain with yoga instructor Roni Antonio and physical therapist Shawna Jamison this afternoon at Littleton Yoga Center. Space is limited as this workshop is designed to address individual needs.

Get introduced to Yoga’s sister practice at Ayurveda 101 – Doshas and Kapha with Brooke Page-Thompson this afternoon at Buka Yoga. Learn about your individual constitution and how Kapha dosha relates to winter. Learn to establish a daily routine to keep Kapha balanced as the seasons change.

Refresh and replenish at Rebecca Guidera’s Restorative Yoga and CBD Massage  this afternoon at Yoga Pod Boulder. Or relax deeply at the Yoga Nidra Immersion with Laurie and Jenn this afternoon at One Yoga.

Nourish your heart with Jennifer Jarrett’s Bhakti Master Class this afternoon at The River. Connect to the “wonder that is simultaneously within and beyond it all” by honoring, offering and chanting during this heated flow practice.

Invite transformation with Divine Transmissions from Lisa Marie, aka Shakti Ma, this evening at Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness. Remember the True Self at this monthly channeled event of “pure love light through words, sound and energy.” The monthly theme is based off of group’s current energy and the love that wants to come through. Watch Lisa Marie talk about Instant Alchemy in the video below.

Build communication at Kia Ruiz’s Partner Prenatal Date Night at The Mama’Hood. Start with Thai massage for each partner, move into a partner yoga practice, and end with light refreshments. The partner yoga is appropriate for prenatal and postpartum bodies.

Activate your own healing power at Bobbie Jo’s Sound Bowl Healing and Meditation tonight at Asana Studio. Or chant and dance at the Traditional Indian Kirtan with Stephen Bross, Noah Rouse Wilson and Susanna Miniciello tonight at Raj Yoga.

Sunday, March 1: Start your day with Yoga, Brunch & A Conversation on Body Image for Females at The River. Begin with Kelsey Brown’s yoga class. Then learn the core reasons why we have body image issues and what we can do about them with Soshy Adlestein as you enjoy the brunch buffet from Nomad Taqueria + Beer Garden. Hear Soshy talk about Food and Body Image in the video below.

If you are processing emotional birth trauma (regardless of how long ago you gave birth), join Sara Guenther for a Birth Story Healing Circle and Restorative Yoga Practice this afternoon at The Mama’Hood. Experience restorative yoga, self-study, personal growth and healing in this small and intimate circle.

Build a foundation for your yoga practice at Aliza’s Yoga Basics this afternoon at Littleton Yoga Center. Get introduced to alignment in the physical postures along with breath work and meditation.

Activate Your Life Force Energy at Ashley Haskell’s Breathwork Workshop this afternoon at Rooted Heart Yoga. Explore various breathing techniques. Channel energy into specific areas of the body using breath retention and the bandhas.

Explore The New Paradigm of Medicine with Stephinity Salazar this afternoon at Yoga Pod Southglenn. Learn about Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Western herbalism, Homeopathy, biofeedback, Frequency Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine. Get nutritional suggestions and simple biophysical techniques for optimal living.

Make a Prayer Stick at the workshop with Kristin Schooler and Mandy Irons this afternoon at Buka Yoga. Spend time with the natural elements to create a beautiful physical representation of your prayers.

Balance and align Vishuddha Chakra as the Chakra Healing Workshop Series continues this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Transcend negative patterns and emotions through specific breath and meditation practices.

Meditation, 201: Deepening Your Personal Practice with Chris Mitchell begins tonight at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. Practice a variety of group meditation techniques during this 4-week series. Explore breath work, mudras and mantra as well.

RiNo Yoga Social celebrates their 3 Year Anniversary tonight. Sign up for the 5:00 p.m. Vinyasa Flow Class (there’s also a late night class). DJ Rescue, aka Zia from the Dandy Warhols, spins “eclectic mellow tunes” for savasana/the post-class meditation. Enjoy Synergy Kombucha and take home Apothecanna CBD. Watch DJ Rescue spin tunes in the video below.


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