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Denver yoga calendar, week of February 17, 2020


Practice inversions, twists, breath work, or the Aquarian Sadhana. You’ll find all of this and much more in this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, February 17: If you’re a Veteran or active military personnel, try a free yoga class with Comeback Yoga. Classes are offered throughout the Denver area (and beyond), including classes today at True Yoga Evergreen and on the Auraria campus. Watch a Comeback Yoga 20 minute active flow in the video below.

Wednesday, February 19: Check out Vin/Yin Yoga en Español with Alexis Irias this and every Wednesday evening at The Co-op at 1st. Pelvic Floor Yoga with Danielle Peterson follows on Wednesday nights.

Thursday, February 20: Discuss A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson at this evening’s Asana Yoga Book Club with Teri Mullen. Or join Courtney Boland for Free CC Chats this evening at Container Collective. Share time and space with each other, and have the conversations that there isn’t time for before and after class.
Build Confidence Going Upside-Down at Polly Moriarty’s Inversion Workshop tonight at Yoga Junction. Move through poses that strengthen your core, establish your balance, and open your chest and shoulders. Then focus on Handstand, with time to practice Headstand and Forearm Balance.

Balance your energy and emotions with John Nagle’s Intro to Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Yoga this and every Thursday night at Mayu Sanctuary. John teaches the 9 Breaths and 5 Elements movements.

Friday, February 21: Join the Friday Night Yoga Club community at Movement Climbing and Fitness Baker. Tracy Hamm guides the flow to music from Japadapta. Stick around after class for vendors, healthy snack and mingling.

Set an intention at the Candlelight Flow, Sound Bowls and Yoga Nidra with Janie Gianotsos this evening at Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa. Or enjoy a night of relaxation at Calming After the Storm with Jordan Gibbons tonight at Kindness Yoga Platte Street. A yoga nidra practice follows this all-levels flow, all to live guitar music from Marco Diferreira.

Break down challenging poses at Erin Hansbrough’s Free Monthly Friday Night Seminar tonight at Indi Yoga. Sign up for Samantha Lawrence’s 20/20 Vision for New Year 2020  tonight at Yoga Pod Westminster. Or join Rebecah Ziegler for Mind Free Friday: Chanting for Sound-ness of Heart & Health tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Experience chanting and heart tuning, and sound the Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotra and Sri Mrytunjaya during a gentle movement practice.

Get enriched and renewed at the Soul Stretch Weekend with Charry Morris beginning tonight and continuing tomorrow at Vail Athletic Club. Start this evening with The Body: work, stretch and massage to release tension, stiffness and fatigue. Saturday morning’s session focuses on Our Energy: stretch, breathe, concentrate and practice Kriya Yoga techniques to connect to the the “inner Hum Sa.” The workshop wraps up on Saturday evening with The Mind: get tricks to ease into a gentle state of concentration and relaxation.

If you’re a yoga teacher, mental health professional or healthcare provider, sign up for The Neurobiology of Traumatic Stress and the Healing Power of Yoga with Dr. Janine D’Anniballe tonight and tomorrow at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Get a framework of psychological trauma and how traumatic stress manifests. Learn how yoga and mindfulness practices can help manage symptoms and promote healing. Expect lecture, discussion and role play as well as yoga practice. Watch Dr. D’Anniballe talk about The Powerful Connection between Trauma and Substance Abuse in the video below.

Saturday, February 22: Restore your balance at Returning Home to the Heart: A Day of Self-Care with Jeremy Wolf and Kristine Whittle at the Human Universal Education Center.  Cultivate softness and self-awareness with a morning practice of active asana, breathing exercises and meditation. Journey into the heart center with the afternoon restorative yoga and yoga nidra practice.

Learn to teach yoga and movement classes for confident walkers up to age 5 at Toddler Yoga Teacher Training with Sara Guenther and Amanda Ogden today and tomorrow at The Mama’Hood. Explore games, songs, and breathing and mindfulness practices as well as developmentally appropriate asanas, partner poses and yoga storytime.

Check out Madeline Stephenson’s free Community Class: Breathwork Mini Retreat this afternoon at Buka Yoga. Use the breath and sound vibration to enter altered consciousness and connect to your inner healer. To keep the practice internal, participants are encouraged to stay blindfolded throughout the journey (blindfolds are provided). Spend time after the journey journaling or creating artwork to express your experience.

Flip Your Perspective at Brittany Stadler’s Open Shoulders and Core Compression this afternoon at Yoga Pod Lowry. Work on drills to build compression strength. Stabilize your shoulders for inversions, and then work on Handstand and Forearm Stand.

Dive deeply into Anatomy for Movement with Dani Pavia this afternoon at Yoga Pod Denver West. Discuss and experience adjustments and dynamic and static alignment. Learn about common alignment mistakes, how to work with injuries, and how to re-align with greater awareness.

If you’re a mom, sign up for Anne Spear’s Core & Restore – Postpartum Series beginning this afternoon at Yoga Junction. Address the changes from pregnancy and birth during this 4-week series. Restore your core through breath work, and functional movement exercises.

Explore Twists-Parivrtta Sthiti with Craig Kurtz this afternoon at Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver. Use self-hypnosis to unload the past of harsh memories at the Rebirthing Workshop at Raj Yoga Boulder. Balance and harmonize with the vibrations of the gong at the Sound Healing at Elevate Yoga. Or combine acupuncture with yin poses to clear the meridians and nadis at Littleton Yoga Center’s Yin and Pin with Amber and Kelly.

Experience movement, mantra and meditation at Samantha Johnson’s Chakra Practice – Root Chakra late this afternoon at Earth Yoga Colorado. Or focus on the Manipura Chakra at the Chakra Healing Workshop Series this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Transcend negative patterns and emotions using breath and meditation practices to open and balance the chakra. Tomorrow night’s session focuses on the Anahata Chakra.

Connect to peace and bliss at Meghan Hennessy’s New Moon Sound Healing and Intention Setting tonight at Rooted Heart Yoga & Wellness. Set your intentions with guided meditation and singing bowl sound healing.

Uncover your authentic self at Transformational Breathwork with Juniper Jane and Aaron Jacobson tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Access your deep inner wisdom using the breath along with chakra-attuned music, energetic release work, art, and group processing.

Sunday, February 23: Express the infinite within at Onkar Ananda’s Aquarian Sadhana early this morning at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Recite Japji, practice Kundalini Yoga, and chant the Aquarian Sadhana Mantras during this 2-1/2 hour practice.

If you’re a yoga teacher, register for Seeds Of Change, a foundational yoga workshop presented by Guided by Humanity and Axis Yoga today at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Address inequity in the yoga industry through social justice conversations. Watch the Guided by Humanity video below to learn more about the organization.

Check out Ari Halbert’s Hand Balancing Workshop this afternoon at Lacuna Juice and Yoga. Expect foundation exercises, conditioning drill, and wrist and shoulder prep. Review Handstand alignment along with ways to safely enter and exit the pose.

Access gentle listening and creative expression for Gregg Westwood’s Inner Journey to Your Divine Purpose: A Shamanic/Authentic Movement Experience this afternoon at The Freyja Project. Enter an altered state of consciousness to connect with the “spiritual dimension of reality.” Then listen and learn from the subtle cues of the body with a moving meditation practice.

Embody self-love and “shine in front of the camera” at Selfie Love with photographer and yoga teacher Jessica Kimak this afternoon at The River. Expect a ritual to burn old beliefs and a self-love meditation. Get 5 edited images from a short individual photo shoot.

Restore with the Earth with Julia Lyons this afternoon at Ceremony Center for Healing. Move into your heart with a grounding meditation. Then receive intuitive Earth-Centered Shamanic healing during an extended restorative yoga practice.

Share new ways to maneuver through this time in your life at the Teen Yoga – Donation Class late this afternoon at Earth Yoga Colorado. Find the ease and comfort in the present moment through breath, movement, meditation, writing and connect ion.

Prepare to welcome your baby at podMAMA with Angela Harris late this afternoon at Yoga Pod Westminster. This gentle flow class runs as a 6-class series.

Attend Mind: Free Intro Talk to Vedic Meditation with Yashoda Devi Ma this evening at Boulder’s The Subtle Mind. Learn about a simple, mantra-based practice at this lecture and question/answer session. The 4-day course begins tomorrow and runs through Thursday.

Relax and rejuvenate with Terez Woodword’s New Moon Meditation tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Set your intentions and keep your energy balanced with Kundalini meditations, rituals and community. Or join Kristin School and Danielle Good for the New Moon Circle for women this evening at Buka Yoga. Expect light yoga, grounding techniques, breath work, intuition development and intention setting.


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