Denver yoga calendar, week of September 9, 2019

Denver yoga calendar, week of September 9, 2019Celebrate the full moon, the Divine, or your mother/daughter bond with your yoga practice this week. No matter what your interest or level of practice, you’ll find your perfect event or workshop in this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Tuesday, September 10: Create your own mala at Jackie Huberty’s Free Mala Making Workshop this evening at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Set an intention with each of the 108 knots you tie. Bring your own mala kit or purchase one at the studio.

Take an imaginary trip to the great outdoors at Leigh Ramey’s Yoga Storytime this evening at Second Star to the Right Bookstore. Learn simple yoga poses through stories, games and songs. All ages are welcome.

Enhance your wellbeing through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Janet Solyntjes, MA beginning this evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. Learn tools to cultivate “non-judgmental attention to the present moment,” reducing medical symptoms and psychological stress. The course includes 8 weekly sessions and a one-day silent retreat.

Wednesday, September 11: Attend the Satsang Wisdom Talk with Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nurse, and Structural Yoga Therapist Chinnamasta Stiles tonight at Asana Studio. Watch Chinnamasta sharing a talk about self effort – tapasya in the video below.

Experience Carrie Lowe’s SolBreath tonight at Five Wellbeing Spa’s Shift Yoga Studio. Heal and detoxify with this guided circular and continuous breath pattern. An extended period of stillness can result from this breathing technique, clearing the space for deep rejuvenation and insight.

Thursday, September 12:
Chinnamasta Stiles presents a Full Ayurvedic Yoga Sadhana, including all 8 limbs of Hatha Yoga, late this afternoon at Asana Studio. Following the teachings of Krishnamacharya, the practice is adapted for each attendee. Expect elements of Ayurveda, Tantra and Mukunda Stiles’s Structural Yoga Therapy.

Sign up for Amber’s free Book Club and Community Discussion this evening at Littleton Yoga Center. Talk about Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul, which describes how you can expand beyond the ego and “harness your inner energy.”

Unwind at Color Up Deep Stretch this and every Thursday evening at ColorUp Therapeutics. This accessible, slow-flow practice focuses on floor-based stretching to reduce tension and relax muscles. The instructors provide education and assists using essential oils and ColorUp products (arrive early to test out the products).

Friday, September 13: Check out the Friday Night Yoga Club season opener at Tina Porter Yoga. Tina Porter guides the flow to live music by Mike Cohen. Stay after the yoga class for vendors and giveaways. Listen to Mike’s Hare Om Shivaya track in the video below.

Relax and get clear at Katie B. Smith’s Full Moon Meditation tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Channel the full moon energy to speed up emotional healing. Or join Marnie and Mishel for their Friday 13th Full Harvest Moon Ceremony at Ceremony Center for Healing. Expect yoga, sharing, meditation to the sacred drum, and a releasing fire ceremony to honor Grandmother Moon.

All humans are welcome and supported at the Guided by Humanity SoundOff Headphone series tonight at ColorUp Therapeutics. Experience this accessible yoga flow withNatasha Chaoua using SoundOff headphones.  Proceeds benefit Guided by Humanity’s inclusive yoga and mindfulness programming to Denver communities.

Take your daughter aged 5+ to Sara Guenther’s Mother Daughter Yoga Date Night: Yoga & Dream Catcher this evening at The Mama’hood. Nurture your mother/daughter bond with individual and partner yoga as well as breath work, meditative practices, and a mother/daughter circle. Create a dream catcher.

Connect to inner peace at one of these evening events. Experience your Soul at Mahadev’s Mind Free Friday: Mantra, Meditation & Gong Bath at Karma Yoga Center. Get clear at the Twin Hearts Full Moon Meditation Group with Candess Giyan and Terra Willhoit at MahaSoul. Get Vitality at Pavanjeet’s Gong + Breath Regeneration at Boulder’s The Subtle Mind. Or gift yourself profound relaxation at Zach Rehder’s Conscious Breathing for Healing & Awakening  at The Freyja Project. This gentle and safe process can release stress, heal past trauma and facilitate ecstatic spiritual experiences.

Sign up for the Weekend Immersion with Jason Bowman at Yoga Pod Boulder. Investigate your yoga practice’s relevance in body, world, and relationship. Expect discussion, practice and sitting still in each all levels session. Start with Jason’s Master Class tonight for a challenging yet accessible flow class with twists, backbends and arm balances. Focus on the how and why of the practice at Jason’s Saturday morning workshop, Detailing the Everyday Practice. Focus on Advanced Teaching Methodology on Saturday afternoon. Practice Handstanding with Jason on Sunday morning. Learn to Unclench on Sunday afternoon through supported stretching as well as sitting and lying still. Watch Jason’s Strength, Flexibility & Balance video below.

Saturday, September 14: Start your day with Hatha Yoga at the Castle Pines Library with Buka Yoga’s Brooke Page-Thompson. Get cued in English, Spanish and Sanskrit at Noemi’s Bilingual Yoga this morning at Denver Botanic Gardens. Or Free Your Head, Neck and Shoulders with Meridith Antonucci this morning at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Expect discussion, movement, breathing practices and relaxation techniques to bring awareness to the upper body and strengthen supporting muscle groups.

Register for the free yoga class with Better Buzz Yoga at the Sunnyside Music Festival midday at Chaffee Park. Or get a 20-minute acupuncture treatment at the donation-based Community Acupuncture Healing Lounge with Troy Krebs midday at MahaSoul.

Join Littleton Yoga Center for a Shoshoni Day Retreat in Rollinsville. Attend Hatha Yoga and meditation classes, and enjoy a vegetarian lunch. Or connect to what is truly important to you at Satya Larrea’s Meditation Intensive today at Whole Yoga. Expect brief seated and walking guided meditations throughout this mostly silent day.

Learn Usui Reiki Level 1 with Caitlin Lange today at MahaSoul or with Marnie Quinn at Ceremony Center for Healing. Open the energy channels on a physical and spiritual level during this initiation into Reiki. Learn how to give yourself Reiki treatments, and receive the 1st degree attunement.  If you’ve completed Reiki Level 1, join Marnie tomorrow for Usui Ryoho Reiki Level II: Okuden. Learn to practice Reiki on others, and expand the opening of your energy channels.

Clear the Clouds with Sherry Sidoti’s Bhakti Flow this afternoon at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Expect asana, dynamic meditation, chanting, breath work, “self-soul-exploration,” laughter and music. Join Sherry this evening for her Lean In: Yin Master Class. Settle into longer held yin postures in this heart-full and mindful practice. Watch Sherry’s SkunkFunk/Short Yoga Practice in the video below.

Explore the research-based Fishman Method of yoga for osteoporosis at Jeanette Burney’s Yoga for Bone Health this afternoon at Earth Yoga Colorado. Discuss osteoporosis and how yoga can help “remodel” bone. Practice different versions of each pose to find the most effective variation for you.

Learn simple, healthful recipes at Helgrid Randolph’s Ayurvedic Tonics this afternoon at Prana Yoga. Tonics are suggested to support reproductive/sexual health or healthy sleep, when recovering from an illness, or after giving birth or a deep cleanse. Make and enjoy tonics during class. Get all the recipes to make at home.

Check out the Astrology 101 Series: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign… with Katrina Marie and Michael Shankara this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Learn how to read and understand the astrology signs in your chart.

Get Bold with Soozie Kinstler’s Forearm Balance & its Funky Friends this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Step into your strength with basic forearm balance mechanics in this first of 3 workshops. Then play in forearm variations.

Practice healing Kundalini meditations at Nicole Stone’s Full Moon Meditation this evening at Karma Yoga Center. The positive effects of your meditation practice are amplified with the full moon’s alignment and energy.

Clear stagnant energy at Lauren Gale’s Healing Sound Bath this evening at Mayu Sanctuary. Experience sound healing in your own way: dance, meditate, or relax and absorb the healing sounds. Lauren uses musical styles ranging from indigenous sounds to electronic music for this sound journey.

Relax deeply at Yomassage and Sound Healing with Studio Therapeutic and Mountain Tones this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Release stagnant energy through gentle yoga, massage, and vibrational healing. The Yomassage session ends with  an extended Savasana to the vibrations of singing bowls, chimes and planetary tuning forks.

Celebrate the Divine at the monthly Sharanam Kirtan with Laura Moses Granger at Mudra Yoga Studio Holly Street. Laura leads this devotional evening of Bhakti Yoga expressed through sacred songs from many traditions.

Find a peaceful balance of light and dark at the Harvest Full Moon Moving Meditation tonight with Bri Wells at Asana Studio.  Move through Moon Salutations, focusing your energies on the cultivation of compassion and unconditional love.

Sunday, September 15: Support Living beyond Breast Cancer by fundraising and attending their Reach & Raise event this morning at Cheesman Park Pavilion. Start with the accessible yoga class for all abilities. Stick around to enjoy refreshments, giveaways and the Health Living Expo.

Pre-register for the JW Marriott Yoga Class midday on the Cherry Creek sun deck. Stay after Savanna’s flow practice to enjoy a complimentary Bloody Mary or Mimosa with the purchase of brunch at Social Fare.

Move toward balance and optimal health with Susan Bernhardt’s Ayurveda: Wholeness & Healing, Naturallybeginning this morning at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Ayurveda tailors yoga practices as well as diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies and cleansing practices for self-healing.

Practice alongside Yoga Teacher Training students to deepen your practice today at Yoga Pod Lowry. Learn about the History of Yoga midday with Noemi Nunez. Study Pranayama & Bandhas with Channing Grivas this afternoon.

Sherry Sidoti presents Core Value, Freedom, & Meaningful Messages: A Psoas Workshop this afternoon at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Explore the function and movements of our most “bio-intelligent” muscle through the many layers of the Self.

Balance the nervous system at Yashoda Devi Ma’s Mind: Rounding Workshop this afternoon at Boulder’s The Subtle Mind. This systematic procedure derived from the Veda consists of a specific sequence of easy yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and horizontal rest.

Release physical and emotional blockages at Zach Rehder’s Conscious Breathing for Healing & Awakening this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Use full and connected breathing to induce an altered state of consciousness.  Watch Breathing to get to Altered States of Consciousness in the video below.

Release tension and deepen relaxation at Ronda’s Yin with Hot Stones practice this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Heated basalt stones rest on your body during this yin style practice.


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