Denver yoga calendar, week of October 28, 2019

Denver yoga calendar, Halloween week, 2019The Denver yoga calendar is your listing of yoga, meditation, sound healing and Kirtan events and workshops. Find your perfect event for this cold and snowy Halloween week.

Tuesday, October 29:  Relax and drift into an altered state at the Tibetan Singing Bowls Concert with Chris Anne and Jason Coviello this evening (and November 5th) at Denver Botanic Gardens. Jason plays his rare Hang Drum, tuned to vibrationally correspond to the heart chakra. Then Jason and Chris Anne play the singing bowls, tuned to correspond to the different chakras.

Check out Clock Tower Yoga tonight on the 18th floor of the D&F Clock Tower. Stay after to enjoy a beer, wine or a non-alcoholic drink on the 19th floor observation deck. Your ticket gives you access to explore the top 5 floors of this historic site.

Discover what each chakra means to you at Heather’s Chakra Yoga and Meditation tonight at Littleton Yoga Center. Experience each chakra through yoga, meditation and journaling.

Wednesday, October 30: If you’re new to yoga, join John Espinosa for the Yoga 101 Beginner Series starting this evening at Full Circle Yoga. Learn breathing techniques and proper alignment for classic yoga poses. Set your foundation, make space, and develop an effective and safe lifelong practice. The 4-week series price includes a new yoga mat.

Thursday, October 31: Happy Halloween! Start your holiday at the Daybreaker Denver Boo-Gie Down Halloween Celebration at Nativ Hotel. Come in costume for yoga with Ashton August at 6 a.m. Stay for the dance party featuring Alyson Calagna, HAANA and MC King Lexie. Get free breakfast bites, kombucha and Manitoba Harvest CBD dropper bottles. Watch the video about Daybreaker below.

Wear bright or white yoga clothes to the Halloween Glow & Flow with Brittany Hopkins midday at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Enjoy this high intensity, black light yoga flow with glow sticks and glow paint.

Unwind at ColorUp Deep Stretch this and every Thursday night at ColorUp Therapeutics. This accessible slow flow practice focuses on floor-based stretching to relax and lengthen muscles. The instructors provide education and assists using essential oils and ColorUp products.

Friday, November 1: Wear your best costume to the Black Light Halloween Bash with Friday Night Yoga Club tonight at Outlaw Yoga. Outlaw Yoga creator Justin Kaliszewski guides the flow practice to live music from Seth Larson, lead singer of Something Underground. Stick around after class for vendors and giveaways.

Explore race and why representation in yoga matters at POC Night with Morgan Rodriguez at Kindness Yoga Platte Street. Practice yoga, meditate and discuss in this safe space for students identifying as people of color. White friends and allies are respectfully asked to refrain from attending.

Check out Terra Wilhoite’s Pranic Healing Clinic tonight and the first Friday of every month at MahaSoul. Learn a stress-relieving meditation technique and get a MCKS Pranic Healing treatment at this donation-based offering. Find peace, wisdom and healing at Pamela Ewald’s First Friday Gong Meditation tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Or join Jeremy Renta and Lindsay Quella Kara of Voice Hands Heart for A Fall Yoga Event: Celebration of Abundance tonight at Boulder’s Starhouse. Explore your abundance through a slow flow practice, live acoustic music, and opportunities for sharing.

Sign up for Amy Ippoliti’s yoga as therapy workshops this weekend at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Learn proper alignment in standing, hip opening, and hamstring opening poses at tonight’s Yoga Shouldn’t Hurt – Liberate Your Hips and Knees workshop. Explore Anatomical Nerdy Euphoria for the Shoulders followed by Hamstring and Lower Back Freedom Now tomorrow afternoon. Then Say Buh-Bye to Tech Neck as the series wraps up on Sunday.

Unleash untapped potential and return to the inner quiet of the Self at Jeremy Wolf’s Yoga Nidra Weekend Immersion at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Explore the benefits of this systematic and complete relaxation practice as well as the 4 main approaches. Learn about intention (sankalpa) self-study (svadhyaya) and the 5 koshas. Watch the Awake Mindful Living Experience with Jeremy Wolf below.

Learn how to make any yoga class more sensitive for trauma survivors at Erica Viggiano’s Trauma Aware + Inclusive Yoga Immersion for Yoga Teachers this weekend at The Freyja Project. Explore the latest neuroscience, learn how yoga helps people heal from trauma, and get practices for neurological balance and healing.

Saturday, November 2: Try Cardio Yoga + CBD Healing this morning at ColorUp Therapeutics. Cardio Yoga™ is a barefoot, rhythmic and sweaty combination of yoga and fitness.  After your workout, treat your feet to ColorUp Therapeutics topical CBD.

Sign up for November’s Urban Peak Youth Shelter Volunteer Breakfast with Off the Mat Colorado. Prepare and serve breakfast at Urban Peak youth shelter, Denver’s only non-profit organization that provides a full convergence of services for homeless youth.

Explore Yoga’s sister science at the Introduction to Ayurveda this morning at MahaSoul.  Discover your mind-body type (dosha) and its corresponding dietary and lifestyle habits for optimal health.

Get skills for living a more integrated, embodied life at Ari Halbert’s Katonah Yoga® 10-hour Training this and tomorrow afternoon at Lacuna Juice and Yoga. Katonah Yoga® integrates Taoist theory, geometry, mythology and magic with classical hatha yoga.  Watch a Katonah Yoga class in the video below.

Celebrate, remember, and honor those who have departed this world at Gabriela Ferrat’s Día De Muertos this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Golden. Experience the symbolism of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) through flowing movement, restorative poses, breath, meditation, and Aztec legends and mythology.

Find Ease In Autumn at Megan Derosa’s Therapeutic Yoga Workshop this afternoon at Yoga Junction. Explore gentle movement, restorative poses, breath work and guided meditation in this mindful, “rest-infused” practice.

Take your kids aged 3-7 to Lisa Doelger’s Family Yoga this afternoon at Rishi’s Community Yoga. Come in costume for this Halloween-themed session of mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, and individual and partner poses.

Let your inner warrior shine through at Mastering Your Warrior Poses with Annie Martens this afternoon at Mudra Yoga Studio Holly Street. Learn the proper full body alignment and use of props for each warrior variation. Explore smooth transitions in between each warrior variation.

Learn about safer brands of personal care products as Sarah Gillispie’s Clean Living Workshop series wraps up this afternoon at Buka Yoga. Or explore Empowered Eating During the Holidays with Stephanie Fox this afternoon at The Freyja Project. Learn tools for easefully navigating the holiday season to feel connected, grounded and vibrant in your body.

Live deeply by Healing Your Past with Deb Acker’s 2-part workshop this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Get powerful tools and practices to begin healing pain and loss from a past relationship at Deb’s workshop. Then stay for 1-on-1 Living Deeply Soul Readings in a group setting.

Get introduced to Reiki with Carrie Varela this evening or to Hatha Yoga with Beth Sanchez tomorrow at Yoga Pod Lowry. Learn and practice alongside the Yoga Pod yoga teacher trainees at these all-levels workshops.

Share your prayers and dance out your fears at tonight’s StarHouse Kirtan with Scott and Shanti Medina. Experience ecstatic mantra, embodied meditations and live music soundscapes. Tickets are available only at the door.

Sunday, November 3: If you’re a mom-to-be, sign up for the Mindful Mamas Prenatal Series with Laurel Hicks this morning at Karma Yoga Center. Practice gentle yoga postures, breath work, meditation and vocal toning that can help reduce back and leg pain, lessen anxiety about labor, and create a deeper mother/baby bond.

Bring your horse to Equestrian Yoga with Ashva Yoga’s Danny Chapparo this morning at Franktown’s Castlewood Equestrian Center. This practice includes hip openers, twists, and shoulder and lateral stretches on and off of the horse.

Sign up with your daughter aged 13-18 for April Thompson’s Body Image/Wellness Group for Mothers & Daughters beginning this afternoon at Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa. Experience exercises, meditation, and various wellness practices designed to promote empowered acceptance of your body during this 4-class series.

Relax deeply at the Healing Immersion with Erin Berry and Mary Schroeer this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Connect to your most authentic parts through guided meditation, vibrational sound and VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

Restore body, mind and spirit at Yomassage and Yoga Nidra with Raymond Tapia and Flutura Hajdini this evening at Yoga Pod Westminster.  Get intermittent individualized massage in each gentle, supported yoga posture. The practice ends with a guided yoga nidra practice.

Improve your flexibility, strength and stability at Jen Soule’s Yoga For Tight Hips & Hamstrings this evening at Yoga Junction. Use standing postures, dynamic movement, and on-the-mat stretches to experience greater comfort and freedom of movement in sports and everyday activities.