Denver yoga calendar, week of November 11, 2019

Denver yoga calendar, week of November 11, 2019Try something new this week like Yomassage™, Kirtronica, or Bilingual Yoga. Read the Denver yoga calendar to find these workshops and much more.

Monday, November 11: Join Yashoda Devi Ma for Mind: Free Intro Talk to Vedic Meditation this afternoon at The Subtle Mind. Learn the origins, benefits and an overview of the mechanics of this simple mantra-based practice at this lecture and question/answer session. Learn What is Vedic Meditation in the video below.

Tuesday, November 12: If you’re a new mama, sign up for podBABY with Angela Harris beginning this morning at Yoga Pod Westminster. Connect with your new baby and body during this 6-week postnatal yoga series.

Open your heart to life’s possibilities at Denise Bickel’s Gratitude Guided Meditation this evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. Use a gratitude practice to rewire your brain to focus on prosperity and peace.

Make your own mala at Jackie Huberty’s free workshop this evening at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Learn how to tie your mala and how to use it in your personal meditation practice. Bring your own mala kit or purchase one at the studio.

All ages are welcome at Leigh Ramey’s Yoga Storytime this evening at Second Star to the Right Bookstore. Focus on gratitude using simple yoga postures taught with stories, games and songs.

Relax and get clear at Katie B. Smith’s Full Moon Meditation tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Channel the full moon energy to “make great gains on the inner planes.” Or focus on healing at Nicole Stone’s Full Moon Meditation tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Amplify the effects of your focused meditative state with the full moon’s energy and alignment.

Wednesday, November 13: Celebrate World Kindness Day this evening with Emily Bernard’s Free Steady Vinyasa 1-2 at Kindness Yoga Park Meadows or William Baldry’s Free Vinyasa Class at Kindness Yoga RiNo. Preregister for these classes as space is limited. Or make your own mala with Christen Bakken this evening at The River. Instruction, supplies and insight on the beads is provided.

Thursday, November 14: Practice coping skills for dealing with stress, anxiety and anger at Jamie Blackburn’s Mental Wellness Workshop this evening at Indi Yoga Studio. Experience yoga poses, breathing practices and mindfulness activities that strengthen your body’s natural ability to be resilient and calm.

Check out Nischala Joy Devi’s The Namaste Effect: A Guided Meditation, Talk & Book Signing tonight at Asana Studio (watch the Yoga, Yoga Sutras & Heart Center Living with Nischala Joy Devi video below to learn more). Talk about Michelle Obama’s Becoming at the free Book Club & Community Discussion with Amber this evening at Littleton Yoga Center. Or learn about Mindful Practice: Buddhist Meditation with Beth Sanchez tonight at Yoga Pod Lowry.

Dance your prayers at Kirtronica with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogi tonight at Rhythm Sanctuary. Join Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogi as well for their Altar of Love Weekend at Boulder’s Vali Soul Sanctuary. Start with their Singing and Mantra Master Class on Friday afternoon, with a Sacred Chant and Heart Songs Concert with the Boulder Saraswati Dream Band on Friday night. Attend their Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing on Saturday afternoon, with another chance to enjoy Kirtronica on Saturday night. The weekend immersion wraps up on Sunday morning with a Kundalini Yoga Class with live music. Watch the Altar of Love Weekend Preview video below.

Friday, November 15: Join the Friday Night Yoga Community at Kindness Yoga Broadway. Alyssa Gunn guides the flow with DJ Solo(moon laying down the beats. Stick around after class for mingling, vendors and healthy snacks.

Flow and glow at Blacklight Buti Yoga with Josie Blankenship tonight at Outlaw Yoga.  Blacklight reactive body paint is provided for this blend of yoga, dance and tribal movement.

Get a free introduction to Bringing Ayurveda to Your Practice with Stephanie Kroack tonight at Indi Yoga Studio. Or try Yin Yoga + Acupuncture tonight at Better Buzz Yoga.  Prepare your body with gentle movement. Then choose between acupuncture treatments for grounding and balance, calm and relaxation, or energy and focus.

Create calmness and clarity at the Twin Hearts Full Moon Meditation Group with Candess Giyan and Terra Willhoit tonight at MahaSoul.  Connect to a centered place within yourself to spread peace and love to all with this group meditation.

Access a deeper state of being at Mind Free Friday: Chant-N-Chill with Lisa Theis tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Prepare the mind with breath work. Learn and repeat a mantra 54-108 times before resting in the vibrations of the mantra.

Treat yourself to tonight’s Singing Bowl Meditation at Mayu Sanctuary. Practice concentrative meditation using the breath to calm the mind and body. Then relax in Savansana to the soothing vibrations of singing bowls.

Saturday, November 16: Get cued in English and Spanish (and Sanskrit) at Noemi’s Bilingual Yoga this morning at Denver Botanic Gardens. Or join Senior Iyengar Teacher Dean Lerner at his single asana class offering this morning at Iyengar Yoga Center of Boulder. Watch the video below to learn more about Dean Lerner and Iyengar Yoga.


Attend the Community Acupuncture Healing Lounge with Troy Krebs midday at MahaSoul. Or get your tickets for Hog Haven Farm’s Yoga with Rescued Pigs midday at Diebolt Brewing Co. Interact with 2 rescued pigs during Megan’s yoga class. Stay after yoga for craft beers and vegan food. Proceeds support Hog Haven’s rescued pigs.

Take a deep dive into mind and heart at Jennifer Jarrett’s Choose Love Project One Day Immersion at The River Yoga – Five Points. Experience yoga, movement practices, meditation, discussion and guided exercise during this day of “deeply empowered self-study.” Watch Jennifer’s Get up and go sequence below.

Sign up for Trauma-Informed Yoga Training with Laurel Hicks today and tomorrow at Karma Yoga Center. Manage and even resolve trauma symptoms with tools from yoga, mindfulness and trauma research. The training is designed to equip yoga teachers to teach to students with trauma, and to provide tools to clinicians, social workers, medical personnel.

Build self-confidence at Healthy Hand Balances with Yogi Chris this morning at Yoga Pod Westminster. Chris offers progressions for low-to-the-ground hand balances, including lesser known variations, during this light vinyasa class. Or join Yogi Chris this afternoon for Bio-hacking to change your emotions and body experience.

Unveil how to show up for others at Marnie’s Holding Space/Keys to Active Listening this afternoon at Ceremony Center for Healing. Explore what active listening looks like and learn to ask high level questions. Prepare yourself and others for difficult conversations, moving past triggers to find a space of response.

Deepen your understanding of your relationships with the Soul Collage Journey® with Sherrie Lawson and Asiana Harper this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown.  Begin with gentle movement and a brief meditation to ground and flow into the Soul Collage® process. Create your own deck of collage cards, with each card representing an aspect of your Soul, to use intuitively for self-discovery.

Get an Introduction to Yoga Nidra with Kristin Zueger this afternoon at Buka Yoga. Or deepen your practice alongside the Yoga Pod yoga teacher trainees at Soozie Kinstler’s Handstand Laboratory or Jordan New’s Acupuncture Session this afternoon at Yoga Pod Lowry.

Class sizes are very limited for these Yomassage™ classes, so register early. Relax deeply at Yomassage™ with Carolyn and Kelly this afternoon at Littleton Yoga Center. Get massage while holding in comfortable and supported yoga postures. Or try Randy Pacheco’s Yomassage™ + Myofascial Release for the upper body this afternoon and for the lower body this evening at Elevate Yoga. Get myofascial release using stretches along with neuromuscular and trigger point therapy. Watch the Yomassage™Stretch•Touch•Breath video below.


Enjoy Yo-massage and Sound Healing with Flutura Hajdini LMT and Mountain Tones tonight at Ceremony Center for Healing. Focus on your breath while holding comfortable postures and receiving light to medium touch. End with an extended Savasana immersed in the vibrations of chimes, planetary tuning forks, and Tibetan and crystal singing bowls.

Reconnect with your authentic self at the Breathwork and Cacao Ceremony with Claudia Nanino tonight at MahaSoul. Set your intentions and open your heart with a warm ceremonial cacao beverage. Then find and release blockages through the guided breathing practice. Or immerse yourself in the vibrations of singing bowls, gongs and didgeridoos at Gary Fishman’s Gong Bath tonight at Axis Yoga.

Get insight at Shanin Weisberg’s Shamanic Flow & Journey tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio.  Cultivate heart-centered presence through meditation and connect to your “Earth-Body” with an Elemental Shamanic Flow. Then connect to your helping spirits through a guided Shamanic journey with live rhythmic percussion. Receive Divine Transmissions of healing and wisdom.

Sunday, November 17: Reserve your spot for Sunday Morning Yoga Club with Brooke Page-Thompson at Buka Yoga. Stay after class for free massages, Keel Vodka drinks, and Bobo and Kind bars.

Experience the relaxing practice of shinrin-yoku at Leona Campbell’s A Guided Walk – Forest Bathing this or tomorrow morning at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms. Get guided through a series of invitations to engage your senses and move mindfully through the “forest.”

Flow and collage at Elyse Leren’s Visual Vinyasa this morning at Yoga Pod Westminster. Start with slow flow practice with breath work and meditation to get your body warm, your mind settled, and your creative juices flowing. Then create your own collage.  All materials are included.

Experience Notes from the Heart – Yoga & Automatic Writing with Ali Duncan this and every Sunday morning at Urban Sanctuary. Get clarity and support from the automatic writing messages from your higher Self.

Check out the Crystal Chakra Balance Flow & High Vibe Market midday at RiNo Yoga Social. Cleanse your aura and activate the chakras (and get a smudge kit and crystal chakra set to take home). Then practice a chakra balancing yin yoga flow and a Chakra Activation Meditation. Arrive early or stay after to shop from local vendors and get a tarot reading, henna design or aura photo.

Join Medium Tobi and Ky Gabriel for Meditation to Meet Your Guides and Make a Connection Mala this afternoon at Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens. Or connect with the Highest Truth and Infinite Love at Jennie Rindler’s Learn to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides this afternoon at Full Circle Yoga. Learn to expand on your “gut feeling” through discussion, gentle yoga poses and guided meditation.

Unwind the belly with Melissa Carey this afternoon at Soul Tree South Studio. Learn to help digestion with yoga and teas, detox with self abdominal massage, cleanse with Ayurvedic recipes, and learn how to use a castor oil pack.

Take your daughter aged 7+ to Laura Zeigler’s Mother & Daughter Yoga this afternoon at Yoga Junction. Unwind and play together through breathing, partner yoga, and simple Thai massage.

Get introduced to Chakras & Essential Oils with Kelli Gould and Emily Ducharme this afternoon at hOMe Collective Yoga. Learn how each chakra and essential oil affects your mental and physical states. Align and balance the chakras with meditation.

Turn your focus inward at Brittany Kassel’s Blindfold Practice this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Capitol Hill. Practice pratyahara, withdrawing from the external, by subtracting the sense of sight.

Be Badass with Soozie Kinstler’s Advanced Transitions this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Learn how to transition by moving from your center and bringing the weight into your hands. Explore fun ways to enter into and exit out of yoga postures.

Nourish and restore your system at Jackie Peller’s Relax & Renew Session 2: Yin Yoga and Essential Oils late this afternoon at Maitri Yoga Center. Or calm and ground at Ronda’s Yin with Hot Stones at Ceremony Center for Healing.

Experience your evolution into a self-actualized being with Liberated Heart: A Tantric Bhakti Exploration with Gordon and Jennifer tonight at Ceremony Center for Healing. Expand your energy through Kundalini Kriya Yoga, mantra, breath work, chi energy and meditation.


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