Denver yoga calendar, week of March 2, 2020

Denver yoga calendar, week of March 2, 2020Find your perfect yoga, breath work, sound healing or Kirtan event in this week’s Denver yoga calendar. Read the calendar every week to stay up to date on the yoga happenings around town.

Tuesday, March 3: Sign up your little ones aged 4-10 for Dani Pavia’s Kids Yoga beginning late this afternoon at Yoga Pod Denver West. Or, if your kids are aged 11-15, register them for Dani’s Kids and Teen Yoga that begins on Thursday afternoon. Both 6-week programs includes fundamental yoga poses, breathing practices, special activities, and valuable lessons for your young yogis to take into their lives.

Learn why the Bhagavad Gita is one of the most important and beloved Yoga texts at Erin Mathiason’s Philosophy Talks tonight at Mayu Sanctuary. Explore the backstory of the Bhagavad Gita. Hear stories from the Mahabharata along with stories of Krishna.

Wednesday, March 4: If you are new to yoga, join John Espinosa for his Yoga 101 Beginner Series starting this evening at Full Circle Yoga. Learn to set your foundation, make space, face your fears and develop a lifelong yoga practice. The 4-week series price includes a new yoga mat.

Thursday, March 5: Connect with other local mamas at the Free Mamas Circle with Dr. Noreen Zaman this and every Thursday afternoon at Kindness Yoga Stanley Marketplace. Find your footing in this judgment-free space. All mamas and babies (12 months and under) are welcome.

Join Steph Winsor for Yoga to Reduce Stress and Anxiety tonight at The River. Get a deeper understanding of ancient techniques and groundbreaking neuroscience to relax the mind-body. Expect yoga practice, meditation, conversation and a toolkit for change. Listen to Steph Winsor talk about Healing the Body through Science and Spirituality in the video below.

Friday, March 6: Move forward with purpose after a loss with Baruch HaLevi’s The Grief Experience today at Mayu Sanctuary. The Grief Experience is inspired by Jewish mysticism and the ancient mystical grief rituals. The training also draws from other traditions and healing modalities including restorative yoga, guided meditation and mindfulness training.

Explore pranayama practices at Integrating Breathing Practices and Pranayama this weekend at Prana Yoga. Study full body breath before diving into the anatomy of breathing. Discuss the philosophy of pranayama and Ayurveda. Sign up for Friday and Saturday only if you want to deepen your own breath work practice. If you’re a yoga teacher, sign up for the whole training and learn how to teach pranayama.

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to sign up for the 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with lead teacher Sara Guenther that begins this weekend at The Mama’Hood. Understand what practices are typically safe during pregnancy and which practices to avoid. Learn how to modify a prenatal yoga practice for each trimester. Learn to teach prenatal yoga for all levels, prenatal restorative and yin yoga, and partner prenatal.  Watch a 10 minute prenatal flow with Sara Guenther in the video below.

Check out the Hip Hop Dance Party with Elizabeth Marberry tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Or join the Friday Night Yoga Club community at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Davidia Turner guides the flow to music by Felix Ayodele. Stay after class for vendors, healthy snacks and mingling.

Relax deeply at Jacki Brown’s Acupuncture & Sound Healing Experience tonight at Samadhi Yoga Englewood. Essential oils and acupuncture needles may be placed in your feet, hands and third eye area to support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Then bathe in the vibrations of the gong and singing bowls.

Try Terra Wilhoite’s Pranic Healing Clinic tonight and the first Friday of every month at MahaSoul. Learn a stress-relieving meditation technique and receive a MCKS Pranic Healing treatment. Release blocked energy and tension at Pamela Ewald’s First Friday Gong Meditation tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Or Chant-Along with Wren Schuyler at tonight’s Mind Free Friday at Karma Yoga Center. Sing, dance, or simply listen to the mantras, and learn how to use them as a part of your own practice.

Saturday, March 7: Sign up for the monthly Urban Peak Breakfast Volunteer Opportunity this morning with Off the Mat Colorado. Provide, prepare and serve breakfast at Urban Peak youth shelter. Urban Peak is Denver’s only non-profit organization that provides a full convergence of services for homeless youth.

Take your family to Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga this morning at Westminster’s Orchard Town Center. There’s time to pet, hold and take photos with the goats after the 45-minute goat yoga class. Watch the Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga – Goats with Pizzazz! Video below.

Roll, release and restore at Kristine Whittle’s Bodymind Ballwork 4-class series that continues this morning at The Human Universal Education Center. Roll on rubber balls to gently massage and stretch. Today’s session focuses on the Abdomen, Ribs and Breathing.

Move slowly and mindfully on A Guided Walk – Forest Bathing with Leona Campbell this morning at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms. Connect with the surrounding nature as Leona guides you through a series of invitations to engage your senses.

Improve your relationships with Kari Kwinn’s Better Boundaries this and tomorrow afternoon at Better Buzz Yoga. Explore modern tools and techniques integrated with applied yogic philosophy. The program includes quarterly follow-up virtual meetings and a one-on-one follow up session.

Ignite and Transcend with Jacki Brown this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Take your practice to a new level combining Kundalini Yoga, essential oils and powerful breathing techniques. Achieve a meditative state with the vibrations of the gong and singing bowls.

Communicate with your divine Self at Kundalini Yoga: An Awakening with Dr. Miriam Hashemi this afternoon at Yoga Pod Southglenn. Expand and strengthen the radiance of your aura to zero point with this kriya, bringing the ego to complete stillness.

Sign up for Perfect Health: 6 weeks of Ayurvedic Philosophy beginning this afternoon at The Co-op at 1st. Or join Marnie for Spirit Food: Spring Cleaning this afternoon at Ceremony Center for Healing. Discuss cleansing and detoxifying your body through plants, herbs and clean eating. 

Balance Agya Chakra at the Chakra Healing Workshop Series this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Use specific breath and meditation practices to bring attention to and heal the chakra.

Use the breath to enter altered consciousness at Madeline Stephenson’s Breathwork Retreat tonight at Buka Yoga. Participants are encouraged to stay blindfolded throughout the journey to keep the process internal (blindfolds are provided). After the journey, get time to journal or create a piece of artwork to express your experience.

Reset your nervous system at Yoga Nidra with Martha Walker tonight and the first Saturday of every month at Full Circle Yoga. Start with a yin and restorative practice guided by a light drumming sound bath. Then relax in yoga nidra meditation and visualization.

Find peace and joy at the Sound Healing Journey with Mary Schroeer tonight at Littleton Yoga Center. Settle into a deeply meditative state with energy healing along with the vibrations of alchemy crystal singing bowls and other sound instruments.

Celebrate the release of Mira’s CD at the Kirtan with Mira Devi and Friends tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Mira shares stories behind some of the songs and chants. Purchase a CD, and enjoy refreshments and community after the Kirtan.

Celebrate Paramhamsa Yogananda at the Kirtan with Mike Cohen and the Shakti Groove tonight at Temple of Peace. This donation-based event starts with a presentation followed by Kirtan and snacks. Stay for the late night Kriya Yoga Meditation. Listen to Mike Cohen’s Om Shanti Om track below.

Sunday, March 8: Transition joyfully into spring at today’s Awake Experience Retreat at Evergreen’s Gather Yoga. Expect a Power Vinyasa practice from Jen Hicks and a yin yoga practice from Jennifer Brock. Awake Experience Founder Erik Vienneau offers mindfulness talks and guides the seated and walking meditation practices.

Join Natasha Chaoua for Monthly Community Yoga and Journaling this morning at Gypsy House Café. Or, if you’re a mom-to-be, sign up for the Mindful Mamas Prenatal Series with Laurel Hicks beginning this morning at Karma Yoga Center. Cultivate calm and confidence in preparation for childbirth with gentle yoga postures, breath work, vocal toning and meditation during this 6-week session.

Take a Deep Dive into the Chakras & Energy Body with Dawn Thie this afternoon at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. Explore the 7 main chakras including the color, element, body parts and the sensory organ associated with each. Connect to each chakra through yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, seed sounds and affirmations.

Explore Elements of Backbending: Alignment and Practices for Healthy Backbends with Jessica Fawcett this afternoon at Yoga Junction. Discuss the different types of backbends, along with the different ways to support or modify back bends for a safe practice.

Find a sustainable practice with the support of props at Sara Ewing’s Use the Sh!T Out of Your Props this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Golden. Learn to ground, improve your form, and find length and comfort with props.

Join Rachel Jumonville for her Enneagram and Yoga Workshop this afternoon at Indi Yoga. Understand your motivations, tendencies, patterns and blind spots with the Enneagram. Use the Enneagram and yoga to find ways through your stuck places. A basic understanding of the Enneagram and confidence in your “number” is helpful for this workshop.

Hand craft products to take home with you at Essential Oils for Everyday Life with Meghan Melfi this afternoon at Asana Studio. Cultivate Celtic connections at Craft Day with Stephanie Stoetzer this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Or establish a personal relationship with the cards at Intuitive Tarot Part II (Minor Arcana) this afternoon at Ceremony Center for Healing.  Bring any tarot deck to focus on the minor cards and reading skills.

Check out the Full Moon Ceremony this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Or reassess your intentions at the monthly Full Moon at Full Circle with Sirena and Mya tonight at Full Circle Yoga.  Let go of what is holding you back to create space for what is meant to be. Expect breath work, drumming and a discussion of the zodiac sign the full moon is in and how the theme affects our lives.

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