Denver yoga calendar, week of January 6, 2020

Denver yoga calendar, week of January 6, 2020Start your yoga practice or recommit to your practice in 2020! You’ll find your perfect yoga, meditation, sound healing or Kirtan workshop or event in this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, January 6: Cultivate forgiveness, joy and compassion at Karen Anderson’s An Invitation to Live: Meditations on Death, Dying and Living beginning this evening at the Vail Athletic Club. Prioritize what you most value by gently contemplate aging and death during this 3-week series. The Five Invitations by Frank Ostaseski is the recommended companion book for this series (watch the book trailer video below).

Check out Samantha’s CBD Yoga: Flow & Restore this and every Monday night at RiNo Yoga Social.  Relax and receive Yoga Massage assists with CBD lotion after the beginner’s level flow.

Live the joyful life you deserve with Dawn Kulaski’s Re-Ignite Your Radiance: 8-week Kundalini Workshop beginning tonight at MahaSoul. Create a balanced body, mind, heart and spirit by systematically working through the body’s physiological systems. Expect discussion, Kundalini kriyas, breath work and meditation.

Tuesday, January 7: Connect with your new baby and body at podBABY with Angela Harris beginning this morning at Yoga Pod Westminster. Regain flexibility, mobility and strength with this post-natal yoga class.

Take time for reflection at Denise Bickel’s Guided Sitting Meditation – New Year Aspirations this evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. Garden members get a discount.

Wednesday, January 8: If you’re new to yoga, sign up for the Yoga 101 Beginner Series with John Espinosa starting this evening at Full Circle Yoga. Set your foundation, make space, and learn how to develop a lifelong yoga practice during this 4-week series. The series price includes new yoga mat.

Learn about a simple, mantra-based practice at Mind: Free Intro Talk to Vedic Meditation with Yashoda Devi Ma tonight at The Subtle Mind. Learn the origins and benefits of the technique and get an overview of the mechanics of the practice. Watch Yashoda Devi Ma talk about Meditation Benefits in the video below.

Thursday, January 9: Let go of what no longer serves you at the Full Moon Circle with Kristin Schooler and Danielle Good tonight at Buka Yoga. Or learn what is written in the stars for you at The Astrology of 2020: What to Expect in the Year Ahead with Ashley Tracey tonight at The River Five Points. Explore the major astrological themes and events for 2020 and how they may influence your life.

Start your yoga practice with Stephanie Kroack’s Yoga for Beginners: 4-Week Series beginning this evening at Indi Yoga Studio. Get 4 Yoga for Beginners classes, a 30-minute private yoga session, and 4 bonus classes of your choice.

Learn to change your stress response with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Kimball and Greg beginning tonight at PranaTonic. This 6-week program has been shown to significantly reduce medical and psychological symptoms including anxiety and chronic pain. Expect discussion, gentle yoga and guided mindfulness meditations along with “practical guidance for attentive living.”

Friday, January 10:
Join Shannon Paige for Intend – Expect – Attend! Yoga and Visioning tonight at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Explore your deepest desires and motivations to create a vision board.

Practice a wall sequence while listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall with William Baldry tonight at Kindness Yoga Broadway. Or, if you are an experienced practitioner, sign up for Devon Sweeney’s Embodying the Elements Series beginning tonight at Kindness Yoga Platte Street. Expect complex asanasa with deep hands-on assists.

Take your practice to the next level at Practice and Study with Lisa Beckwith Wolf and Leslie Bradley this weekend at Iyengar Yoga Center Denver. Assess for teacher certification in the Iyengar tradition with this 6-part series.

Relax deeply at Mind Free Friday: Sacred Tone Immersion with Zay Rios tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Bathe in the vibrations of mystical drumming, singing bowls and Native American flute.

Get calm and clear at the Twin Hearts Full Moon Meditation Group with Candess Giyan and Terra Willhoit tonight and the 2nd Friday of each month at MahaSoul. Help spread peace, and love from a centered place.

Celebrate the full moon at one of tonight’s workshops. Channel the energy of the full moon to “make great gains on the inner planes” at Katie B. Smith’s Full Moon Meditation at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Set your intentions at the Full Moon Moving Meditation with Bri Wells at Asana Studio. Join Stacy and Shannon Devanney for a Full Moon Mala Making Workshop at ColorUp Therapeutics.  Or tap into the gifts of this moon at Pavenjeet Singh’s Full Moon Breath & Gong at The Subtle Mind.

Saturday, January 11: Elevate your practice and understanding of Yoga and Tantra with Rod Stryker’s The Yoga of Awakening: Yoga Taravali this weekend with Samadhi Yoga at the Warwick Hotel. Focus on the sacred scripture The Yoga Taravali through asana, kriya, pranayama, bandha, meditation and yoga nidra. Watch Rod’s video onThe Truth about Tantra below. Or, if you’ve attended Karin B.’s foundational yoga nidra training, learn to lead the practice at her training this weekend at Littleton Yoga Center.


Get cued in English and Spanish (and Sanskrit) at Noemi’s Bilingual Yoga class this morning at Denver Botanic Gardens. Or receive a healing acupuncture treatment at the Community Acupuncture Healing Lounge with Troy Krebs midday at MahaSoul. Dr. Krebs puts needles in points on your ear for this 20-minute, donation-based session.

Register early for Gina Caputo’s Extended Mix: Pop Up Yoga Class this afternoon at Yoga Pod Boulder. This longer class features “deeper grooves and different beats.”

Deconstruct Downward Dog with Kim Smarr this afternoon at Full Circle Yoga. Understand key foundational issues and alignment cues in this common pose. Learn how Down Dog informs other poses including inversions and hand balancing.

Awaken to your potential at Farrah Forsyth’s Setting Intention with Yoga & Nidra this afternoon at Yoga Junction. Let your “innermost essential desires” surface through guided intuitive movement. Then relax in yoga nidra to seal in your intentions.

All trimesters are welcome at Claire Gonzalez’s Prenatal Yoga Series beginning this afternoon at Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa. Enjoy movement, meditation, connection during this 6-week series.

Join Tiffany Adams and Dee Watts for Settled Mind + Restful Sleep: Yin and Acupuncture this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Stanley Marketplace. Or sign up for Nicole Hagg’s Kindness Hot Yoga 101 Series beginning late this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Break down and workshop each of the poses of the Kindness Hot series during this 6-week series.

Dance, meditate or relax at Lauren Gale’s Therapeutic Sound Bath this evening at Mayu Sanctuary. Lauren uses musical styles ranging from indigenous sounds to electronic music. Or immerse yourself in the cosmic harmony at Gary Fishman’s Gong Bath tonight at hOMe Collective Yoga. This shamanic sound journey blends the healing power of gemstones with singing bowls, planetary gongs, and digeridoos.

Sunday, January 12: Experience peace within you, peace around you at today’s Awake Experience Retreat with Erik Vienneau, Asiana Harper and Damon the Zen Drummer at Evergreen’s Gather Yoga. Explore meditation, asana, conversation and the teachings of Buddhism, Yoga and Ayurveda to journey through the senses.  Listen to the Zen Drummer’s Om Gaia track in the video below.

Sign up for the Free Community Class with Kindness Yoga’s Christina Pischel this morning at Free People Park Meadows.  Or Re-Charge & Reset through Meditation with Lauren Villegas this morning at The Hudson Gardens and Event Center.

Fine-tune your practice at Marin McCallen’s Intermediate Series beginning midday at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Practice more advanced backbends, arm balances and inversions during this 3-week series.

Sign up for New Year’s Napfest: An Afternoon Retreat for Soulful Parents with Asha Chhabildas Bayer this afternoon at Ceremony Center for Healing. Balance your nervous system through gentle yoga and yoga nidra. Learn about a Waldorf-inspired mindfulness program that strengthens the parent/child bond while giving everyone more relaxation and rest.

Mindfully create a space to invite new meaning into your life at Sara Guenther’s Birth Story Healing Circle and Restorative Yoga Practice this afternoon at The Mama’Hood. This small and intimate circle focuses on restorative yoga, self-study, and healing. Regardless of how long ago you gave birth, this circle is here to serve you if you are experiencing emotional birth trauma.

Turn your focus inward at Brittany Kassel’s Blindfold Practice this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Capitol Hill. Stretch and connect at Sarah Wartell’s Partner and Thai Yoga Workshop this afternoon at Asana Studio. Make the Yamas and Niyamas relatable to your daily life at Yoga(ish): The (un)yogi’s guide to Yogic Principles with Kasie Altamura this afternoon at Yoga Pod Denver West. Get support in achieving your goals at Pia Beck’s Visions + Goals Workshop this afternoon at Lacuna Juice and Yoga. Or learn how the astrology for the coming year is influencing our awakening at the 2020 Astrology Report & Beyond with Katrina Marie and Michael Shankara this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Watch Katrina and Michael’s astrology report in the video below.

Rejuvenate and revitalize this evening at Stoner Yoga’s private event at Evereve Boulder. Enjoy Heidi’s yin class with Samantha’s live music along with essential oils, CBD goodies and light refreshments.

Learn basic techniques at Chris Mitchell’s Meditation, 101: Beginning or Enhancing your Personal Practice beginning tonight at Soul Tree Simpson Studio. Practice breath awareness, Mantra, Loving-Kindness and heart-centered meditation techniques during this 4-week series.


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