Denver yoga calendar, week of August 19, 2019

Denver yoga calendar, week of August 19, 2019The yoga events outside are winding down and the studio events are winding up. Check out this week’s Denver yoga calendar for an assortment of great indoor and outdoor yoga events, workshops and special classes.

Monday, August 19: Enjoy the final 2 weeks of Yoga in the Gardens at Seven Stones Chatfield. Barbara Meadows teaches this and next Monday evening. Or join Kristin Scott for the next 2 Thursday evenings.

Wednesday, August 21: Learn about mantra-based meditation at Mind: Free Intro Talk to Vedic Meditation with Yashoda Devi Ma tonight at Boulder’s The Subtle Mind. This hour long lecture and question/answer session includes an overview of the origins, mechanics and benefits of the technique. The introductory talk is required before attending Mind: 4-Day Course: Intro to Vedic Meditation, offered Thursday through Sunday. Learn What is Vedic Meditation in the video below.

Thursday, August 22: Try John Nagle’s Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Yoga this and every Thursday night at Mayu Sanctuary. The 21 Lu Jong movements open the body’s channels to mobilize misdirected energy.

Friday, August 23: Get introduced to the Nervous System and Yoga Nidra at Jen Wilking’s Anatomy for Yogis midday at Littleton Yoga Center. Learn about the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems, the Vagus Nerve and more.

Take your spouse or friend to Nickki Pucher’s Partner Yoga Workshop tonight at Yoga Pod Lowry. Stay after the workshop for wine and cheese. Or, if you’re certified in Reiki I, join Jamie Kuttenkuler for Reiki 2 Training beginning tonight and continuing through Sunday at Yoga Pod Westminster.

All humans are welcome and supported at the Guided by Humanity Sound Off Headphone series tonight at ColorUp Therapeutics. Proceeds from this inclusive yoga flow benefit Guided by Humanity’s accessible yoga and mindfulness offerings in the Denver metro area. Watch the Guided by Humanity video below.

Make your own mala and get a Vedic Astrology reading from Sarita Shrestha tonight at MahaSoul. Get instruction to create your mala, positively energizing each of the 108 beads with mantra, intention or affirmation. The beads are chosen based on your birthdate. Pre-registration is required by Monday, August 19.

Quiet your body and mind at Mind Free Friday: Alchemy Singing Bowls & Energy Healing with Mary Schroeer tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Bathe in the crystal sound harmonies. Or experience deep relaxation and insight at Breakthrough: A Sound Journey tonight at RiNo Yoga Social. Start with an individualized reading, tapping into a subconscious pattern that is creating obstacles in your life. Then let the vibrations of the gong, singing bowls, chimes and drums guide you into your subconscious and move stuck energy. Create space for awareness and compassion to flow, achieving integration and self awareness.

Saturday, August 24: Move From Fear to Freedom with Bethany Goodson this morning at Kindness Yoga Stanley Marketplace. This practice of faith invites awareness and acceptance of how fear shows up and how to pursue freedom from fear. Explore trust through breath work, arm balances, inversion drills, reflective journaling, partner and group exercises, and mantra meditation.

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of these outdoor yoga classes! Bring your family and friends to Full Circle Yoga’s Free Yoga in the Park midday at Longmont’s Thompson Park. Take a drive for The Vail Athletic Club’s Free Outdoor Community Yoga on Vail Village’s Solaris Plaza. Or check out Yoga on the Plaza with the Oxford Club Spa and Salon at Union Station.

Improve flexibility and balance when riding at Equestrian Yoga with Ashva Yoga’s Danny Chapparo this morning at Elbert’s Parfait Ranch. The gentle yoga practice includes hip openers, deep twists, and shoulder and lateral stretches on and off of the horse. You must bring your own horse to participate.

Check out The Sraddha Series: Chain Effect with Sraddha Faraji continuing this afternoon at Yoga Pod Lowry. Or cultivate a quiet and clear mind at Brittany Kassel’s Mantra and Movement this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Expect a slow, intentional and challenging practice.

Clear and cleanse the heart chakra at Candace Blair’s Kundalini Yoga + Sound Healing Experience this afternoon at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Start with breath work for calming and grounding the heart. Then move into spinal warm-ups and a kriya for Opportunity and Green Energy. End with a deep savasana to the vibrations of singing bowls and bells.

Elevate Yoga offers Yomassage™ workshops this afternoon and evening. Work deeper into your muscles and connective tissue with resistance-supported stretches and myofascial release. Space is limited. Learn What is Yomassage? in the video below.

Live deeply by Cultivating Self-Love with Deb Acker’s 2-part workshop late this afternoon at Ceremony Center for Healing. Start with Deb’s hour long workshop to strengthen your relationship with yourself. Then get individualized Living Deeply Soul Readings in a group setting.

Tap into Healing Energies for Trauma: Sound Healing, Reiki & Yoga with Alexi and Erin late this afternoon at RiNo Yoga Social. Ground and soothe your nervous system with a trauma-informed, therapeutic yoga sequence. Then receive Reiki energy while supported in restorative yoga poses, awakening your “inner healing potential.”

Relax and release stuck energy at the Chakra-Balancing Sound Healing with Elizabeth Gariti and Heidi and Doug Szycher tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Realign with your “unique pace and pulse” through the healing vibrations of Native American flutes and singing bowls.

If you’re over 21, check out the Soul of Soil: Regenerative Cannabis Ceremony with Ganjasana tonight at Earth Yoga Boulder. Connect to nature with asana, mindfulness, meditation, conscious cannabis consumption, and a cannabis ceremony to honor the soil food web. All materials are provided.

Calm your mind and open your heart at Kirtan with Mike Cohen and the Shakti Groove tonight at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Deepen your connection to yourself, others and the Divine through original, accessible chants. Or celebrate the Divine with ancient and contemporary sacred song at Laura Moses Granger’s Sharanam Kirtan tonight at Mudra Yoga Studio Holly Street.

Sunday, August 25: Purchase your tickets early for this morning’s Goat Yoga with Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga at Release Studio (watch the What is Goat Yoga? video below). Reserve your spot for the SUP Yoga Workshop Series with Altitude Paddleboards and Yoga Pod Southglenn’s Sarah Shaw this morning at Littleton’s Grant Ranch. Or pre-register for the JW Marriott Yoga Class with Savanna midday on the Denver Cherry Creek hotel sun deck. Stick around after class for a complimentary Bloody Mary or Mimosa with the purchase of brunch at Social Fare.

Get an Introduction to Yoga Nidra at Annie Freedom’s The Hidden Jewel of Yoga this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Expect wisdom from ancient texts, a full yoga nidra practice and other enlightenment tools.

Rejuvenate and refresh at Katrina Kopeck’s Yoga Nidra Workshop this afternoon at Yoga Pod Boulder. Learn about the philosophy and science behind yoga nidra, explore gentle movement, and rest in a guided, deep relaxation practice.

Access repressed elements of self at Marissa Angeletti’s Yin and the Shadow this afternoon at Kindness Yoga South Broadway. Use this yin yoga practice to slow down and listen to what arises. Go deep into your “holistic, lived experience” to integrate your shadow parts and arrive at a sense of fullness.

Learn to understand anger at Shannon Boarman’s workshop this afternoon at Whole Yoga. Explore anger’s physiology, 6 stages and social stigmas as well as healthy ways to process anger. Expect yoga, tai chi, and aromatherapy, including a personalized aromatherapy blend to take home.

Calm your mind and revitalize your body at Ann Martin’s Submerged in Sacred Sound with Gongs and Bowls this afternoon at Kosha Yoga Center. Or join Susie Burns for New Moon, New Intentions – A Monthly Yoga & Sound Experience at Kula Yoga Center. Practice gentle yoga accompanied by soothing sounds from John ‘Tone’ Rosan and Derek. Then relax in a healing Sound Bath Savasana.

Learn How to Lead Transformational Yoga Retreats with Nikki Rogers late this afternoon at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. Or join in Karma Yoga Center’s monthly Conscious Community Conversations, facilitated by Wren Schuyler. Engage in compassionate discussion and share your perspectives on difficult topics. Stay afterwards for food, drink and continued connection.

Sign up for Meditation to Meet Your Guides and Make a Mala with Ky Gabriel and Medium Tobi this afternoon at the Lumber Baron Inn. Connect to your spirit guides through meditation. Then make your own “personal connection” mala, choosing the beads that call to you after the meditation.

Discover Your Life Purpose at Erica Carrico’s Small Group Workshop this evening at Ceremony Center for Healing. Get clear on your own unique gifts and talents. Learn 3 ways to tap into your life purpose so you can begin living your vibrant and passionate life.

If you are processing postpartum emotional birth trauma, sign up for Sara Guenther’s Birth Story Healing Circle and Yin Yoga Practice this evening at The Mama’Hood. This small, intimate circle focuses on yoga, self-study, personal growth, and healing.

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