Denver yoga calendar, week of November 20, 2017

Denver yoga calendar, week of Thanksgiving, November 20, 2017Thank you for your support of our local yoga community and the Denver yoga calendar. Wishing you a stress-free and yoga-filled Thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 20: Check out the Aerial Yoga classes at the new Tava Yoga Studio. If you’ve never practiced Aerial Yoga, start with Level 0 – Aerial Basics this evening with Leah Heath. Learn the basic poses as well as how to get in and out of the hammock. Tava Yoga offers daily aerial (and non-aerial) yoga classes.

Tuesday, November 21: Start your day with Blake Burger’s Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga at Denver Botanic Gardens. Members get a discount for this all-levels class.

Join Julie Spinnato for her new Yoga for Snow Sports class, every Tuesday night at Samadhi Yoga Park Hill. Or try Buti Yoga with guest teacher Sara Winter tonight at ZenDen. This weekly class blends yoga with plyometrics and tribal dance.

Wednesday, November 22: Some studios offer an abbreviated schedule today. If you’re in search of an evening class, join Ronda for Gratitude Flow & Restore at Ceremony Center for Healing. Or sign up for Gratitude and Intentions Yoga with Annie Martens at RiNo Yoga Social. This donation-based practice begins with a short meditation to release what no longer serves you. Then practice hatha yoga with focus on gratitude, ending with a “deep reflection and intention setting ceremony.”

Denver yoga calendar, Thanksgiving, week of November 20, 2017Thursday, November 23: Happy Thanksgiving! Check before heading to class as your favorite place to practice may be closed or offering a special holiday schedule (some of those special holiday classes are listed below).

Start your holiday with a Kriya for Boosting your Metabolism and Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude at Kundalini Yoga Denver. All class donations go to Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico. Or Practice 108 Sun Salutations this morning at the Himalayan Wellness Center, with proceeds also contributed to recovery in Puerto Rico.

Samadhi Yoga Uptown continues their Thanksgiving tradition with 3 donation-based classes to combat sex-trafficking in Colorado and India. Allison Benner and Friends offer a Live Music Kundalini Yoga class this morning. Or enjoy a Gratitude Flow with Kim Soults this morning or with April Mueller this afternoon.

Elevate Yoga offers a both a Gratitude Flow to Restore class and a Power Vinyasa class this morning. Or join Marnie for Vinyasa with Meditation at Ceremony Center for Healing.

Work out before you feast! Try the Thanksgiving Donation Yoga with Justin Kaliszewski this morning at Outlaw Yoga Littleton. This “physically challenging, technically simple” power vinyasa practice benefits the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

Join Amy Martin this morning at Mudra Yoga Studio Holly Street for her Gratitude Yoga donation class to benefit Colorado Pet Pantry. Class includes slow flow, longer holds and a final restorative pose. Colorado Pet Pantry partners with human food banks to supports those in need of a little help in caring for their pets during times of hardship.

Friday, November 24: Practice Gratitude and Grounding with Kia Ruiz this morning at The Mama’hood. Join Kia for some gentle restorative yoga, tea and journaling to identify the values and activities you really want during the holidays.

Get some well-deserved, post-holiday downtime at one of these evening events. Little Star brings her Sonic Journey to Mind Free Friday at Karma Yoga Center. Connect to the higher self through Little Star’s live vocal looping and multidimensional, angelic serenades. Or let go of holiday stress at Yoga Nidra with Brittany Hopkins at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes.

Saturday, November 25: Alison Moore wraps up her Introduction to Inversions series this morning at Vital Center for Mind-Body Health. Improve your technique entering and exiting inverted poses. Practice inversions using blocks and the wall, as well as with the help of a partner.

The Yoga for Ski Conditioning series with alpine and nordic skier Annie Catura begins this afternoon at Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver. Develop the flexibility and strength needed for ski-specific movement during this 4-week series. Prevent injuries by conditioning your neck, back, hips, and knees.

Try Erin Wimert’s Intro to Barre this afternoon at Endorphin City Park. Learn the fundamentals of this yoga, pilates and ballet inspired exercise. Join Cindy Hamilton for her Free/donation-based Community Yoga class this afternoon at Rishi’s Community Yoga. Or sign up for Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga at Longmont’s Lucky Weather Ranch. There’s time after the goat yoga practice to pet, hold, and take pictures with the goats.

Feed your body and soul at the Community Potluck & Kirtan tonight with Denver Community Kirtan. Bring some food to share before the “rousing and joyful” Kirtan led by Tom and Gayan. Or open your heart at the Kirtan with Madhu and Ananda tonight at Karma Yoga Center.

Sunday, November 26: Alexi Neal leads Yoga Church this morning at RiNo Yoga Social. Connect with Nataraja’s ecstatic dancing energy through vinyasa yoga, spiritual discussion, kirtan, breath work and meditation.

Stoke the Fire at Mira Devi’s workshop this afternoon at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. We carry Agni, a source of heat and light, within our own bodies. Explore ways to balance this fire element, and to keep it stoked through winter. Part of the workshop is spent on the yoga mat and part in the kitchen.

Feel more spacious with Erin Wimert’s Yin Yoga Nidra practice this afternoon at Endorphin City Park. Experience this “meditative journey through the densest tissues in the body and the deepest layers of the mind.”

Denver yoga calendar, week of November 13, 2017

Denver yoga calendar, week of November 13, 2017You won’t want to miss this week’s workshops with nationally-known yoga teachers including Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling and Chelsea Roff. Read the Denver yoga calendar to find out more. You’ll also find the usual assortment of outstanding offerings from local yoga teachers.

Monday, November 13: Spirit Speak: Turning Your Yoga into a Journey of the Soul with international yoga teacher Seane Corn begins today and continues through Friday at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Find your own self-expression through this transformation exploration of physical, subtle and spiritual energies. This 30-hour immersion is designed for yoga teachers and seasoned practitioners. Watch Seane’s Yoga from the Heart practice below.

Tuesday, November 14: Check out Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga with Blake Burger every Tuesday and Thursday morning at Denver Botanic Gardens. Garden members get a discount for this challenging, all-levels class.

Wednesday, November 15: Daybreaker presents Denver Sunrise at The Big Top this morning at The Circus Collective. Start your day with yoga or AcroYoga followed by a dance party, breakfast bites, coffee and juice. Watch the video of a Daybreaker event below.

Get grounded and inspired at Fran Gallaher’s Free Meditation this evening at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. New and experience meditators are welcome.

Thursday, November 16: iBody hosts international teachers Francesco Garripoli and Ambikha Devi tonight for Qi Meets Prana. Get empowered through Qi Gong, yoga, and breath work.

Mindfulness Wisdom Teachings – The Satipatthana Sutta series with Barry Gillespie wraps up tonight at Asana Studio. Examine and practice Buddha’s principal teaching on mindfulness. Tonight’s session focuses on Mindfulness of Obstacles – The Kilesas.

Chelsea Roff , Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive, presents a Benefit Master Class, The Power of the Mind: How Yoga Transforms Lives, tonight at Mudra Yoga Studio Pearl Street. Chelsea begins with a live presentation of her recent Ted talk, then guides a vinyasa-restorative yoga class focused on building resiliency. Sign up for Chelsea’s Yoga, Food & Body Image Intensive this weekend. Learn a yoga-based approach to mindful eating, emotional health, and overcoming body image and food challenges. Watch Chelsea Roff on CNN in the video below.

Friday, November 17: Sign up for Mudras: An Intro Workshop with Ellen this morning at Mayu Sanctuary. Mudras are ancient hand-held gestures that contribute to all levels of one’s wellbeing. Get introduced to mudra practice by itself and accompanied by gentle yoga poses. Ellen also offers this workshop tomorrow afternoon at Karma Yoga Center.

Sing, dance, meditate and relax at Free Fall into Autumn & Rise up Kirtan with Prabhu Kaur and Nick Fiore tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Deeply relax at the Singing Bowl Meditation with Nicole at Mayu Sanctuary. Or meditate, vision quest, or time travel at the Mind Free Friday: Sound Ceremony with Mother Star Medicine with Knomia Monika at Karma Yoga Center. Begin with a ceremony to vision in the heart, followed by an ambient soundscape layered with mantra and waves of sound.

Awaken through movement at Mandala Dance with Francesco Garripoli and Ambikha Devi tonight at iBody. Ground and clear with Qi Gong, then move into the free-form dance meditation using specific music, invocation and spoken intention.

Join the Friday Night Yoga Club community at Titanium Fitness Center. Julianne Streff guides the flow practice, with music from DJ Bella Scratch. Stick around after the class for vendors and healthy snacks.

Explore skin care, nutrition, and relationships at the Women’s Wellness Workshop with Stace Mackey-Valdez, Jennifer Garrett Smith and Maureen Phifer tonight at Outlaw Yoga. Wine and snacks are provided.

Take your kids ages 4-12 to Parents’ Night Out – Kids’ Night with Alana Watanabe tonight at The Freyja Project. Get a night out in LoHi while your kids enjoy yoga, activities and a healthy snack. Or join Amanda Ocon and Erin Ciliberti for Yoga Night Out at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Get Reiki energy healing during this flow practice, then $1 off of drinks at Odd13 after class.

Saturday, November 18: Try Bilingual Vinyasa Yoga– Level 1-2 with Noemi Nuñez this morning at Denver Botanic Gardens. Poses are cued in Sanskrit, with refinement cues in both English and Spanish. $5 suggested donation.

Focus on backbends and twists today at Intelligent Asana with Mindy Arbuckle at The Usha Shala at Maitri Yoga Arvada. Get a new practice and life perspective through the Chakras, Koshas, Prana Vayus, Bandhas and more. Learn to access your body’s “innate potential for health” at the Wim Hof Method Workshop today at Vital Center for Mind-Body Health. Shop for holiday gifts at the Free Holiday Bazaar today at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. Or sign up for the Vitalize Enlightenment Retreat with Alana Watanabe and Carissa Harris today at hOMe Collective. Start your day with an invigorating yoga practice, enjoy a healthy lunch and dinner, and experience Reiki, essential oils, crystals, herbs, and meditation.

Learn the The Art of Ayurvedic Pulse Reading Training with Heidi Nordlund beginning today at Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala. Attend only this pre-requisite weekend or the entire 3 weekend training. Develop your pulse diagnosis skills to detect changes in your doshic balance and to make the best choices in diet and focus.

Explore Binds and Bandhas for Clarity with Kimberly Roecker Soults this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Learn to bind in standing poses, forward bends, twists, and balancing poses. “Harness” your energy by practicing the 3 bandhas or energetic locks.

Learn The Yogic Inner Arts at Devon Sweeney’s Lunar Immersion this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Platte Street. Enjoy a “deeply regenerative extended practice” including breath work, gentle vinyasa and guided meditation. Today’s session focuses on the base of head, neck, shoulders, spine and back body.

Enjoy a Partner Prenatal Date Night with Kia Ruiz this evening at The Mama’hood. Begin with some introductory thai massage for each partner before moving into a partner yoga practice.

Honor the season at the Autumn Flow and Restore Yoga Workshop with Live Music with Asiana Harper and Brett Randell tonight at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Release into this slow flow, restorative and nidra practice set to live vocals and acoustic guitar.

Challenge yourself at the Inversion Workshop with Julieta Claire this afternoon at Ashva Yoga. Focus on proper form and technique, learn to move in and out of inversions safely, and explore the use of props and partner work in a variety of inversions. Stick around this evening for the Starlighting & 7-Year Anniversary celebration to see the Castle Rock star lit from the studio’s prime downtown location, right at the base of the rock.

Soul Tree South Studio hosts musician, yoga teacher and activist Suzanne Sterling for Voice of Change this afternoon. Find your true voice with this vigorous Vinyasa flow practice combined with breath work, guided meditation and ancient sound techniques (watch the Voice for change video to find out more). Suzanne offers her “part tent revival, part rock show, all bhakti” Higher Ground- Kirtan tonight.

Scott and Shanti Medina and their full band present their final 2017 Starhouse Ecstatic Kirtan tonight. Or join Kalyani Karen DeMarco every first and third Saturday for Bhakti Shakti Kirtan at Full Circle Yoga.

Sunday, November 19: Suzanne Sterling presents Vinyasa Flow Creativity Ritual Class 2 at Soul Tree South Studio this afternoon. Experience self-expression and connection through chanting and ecstatic prayer blended into a vinyasa flow and conscious movement practice.

Kirtan 101 with Mike Cohen, Founder of the Kirtan Leader Institute, brings Kirtan 101 to Samadhi Yoga Uptown this afternoon. Chant, and learn about the practice of Bhakti Yoga. A limited number of program participants lead the group in a simple chanting experience.

Choose from these diverse afternoon workshops. Deeply relax at Restorative Yoga & Reiki with Alana Watanabe at The Freyja Project. Learn self-healing techniques at Reiki Level One with Carrieann McDonough at Golden Yoga and Healing Arts. Release cellular memories through Kriya Yoga Breathwork: Spiritual Purification with the Elements with Kalyani Buckman at Karma Yoga Center. Discover a meditation practice that fits your needs at Journey Into Meditation with John Sander at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Discuss the Yogic texts and how the teachings apply to daily life at the free Sutra, Sanskrit, and Meditation Sangha with Angelique DeSilva at Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver. Learn to get upside down and to fall down safely at Fear of Flying: Inversions with Angie Arnold at Yoga Pod LoDo. Or enjoy movement, art, singing and thanksgiving at the Family Gratitude Workshop with Samy Mattei at The River.