Denver yoga calendar, week of April 23, 2018

Denver yoga calendarRelax at a sound bath, work on your backbends, or learn to teach Yin Yoga. You’ll find these events and much more in this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, April 23: Cultivate the warrior’s mind at Kristen Boyle’s Virabhadra: Auspicious Hero tonight at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Explore the 3 Warrior poses and their myths to battle against ego, ignorance and injustice.

Tuesday, April 24: Check out Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga with Blake Burger every Tuesday and Thursday morning at Denver Botanic Gardens Morrison Center. Garden members get a discount.

hOMe Collective offers free Phoenix Rising Yoga Classes with teacher trainees this evening and tomorrow morning. These classes offer simple postures and guided self-inquiry related to the Body + Mind Connection.

Elizabeth Lee presents a Wim Hof Method Weekly Breathing Practice this and every Tuesday evening at Vital Center for Mind-Body Health. Learn this breath work technique to raise your consciousness and access your body’s “innate potential for well-being” on all levels.

Wednesday, April 25: Let go of stress with Fran Gallaher’s free meditation this evening at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Or join Lori Glazebrook for the Women’s Circle tonight and the 4th Wednesday of every month at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. Share your story, move your body and breathe with each other to acknowledge and heal old wounds.

Yin Teacher Training with Malissa Schwamm begins tonight and continues through May 12th at Yoga Pod Southglenn. Learn about alignment, anatomy, breath work, the subtle energy body, how to use props, and more. No prior teacher training experience is necessary.

Friday, April 27: Yin & Restorative Teacher Training with Heather Lindemann and Cole Schlam begins this morning and continues through Sunday at Samadhi Yoga Englewood. Learn the anatomy of key poses, modifications, sequencing and assists. Teach others to slow down and go inward.

Enjoy a “funky yoga flow in a night club atmosphere” at Hot Yoga Happy Hour this evening at Lifetime Fitness Centennial. Stay after class for snacks, wine and FanDraught beer. Call to reserve your spot.

Dance, meditate or relax at the Mind Free Friday: Healing Soundbath with Lauren Gale tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Lauren uses instruments ranging from indigenous to modern for this eclectic sound journey(watch Sound Healing Vlog – Lauren Gale below). Or restore balance to your physical and energetic bodies at Rica Potenz’s Sound Healing Meditation tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Rica uses singing bowls, tingshas, a crystal singing pyramid and a 30” gong.

Saturday, April 28: Get the feeling of being out on the water at Indo SUP with Nancy Bridenbaugh midday at Maha Soul.

If you’re a yoga teacher, sign up for Applying Anatomy to Asana: Refine Your Practice, Cues and Hands-on Assists with Mira Valeria this weekend at The River. Learn how to work with the spine, hip and shoulder joints in asana, including how to work with pain, injury and dysfunction.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Level 1begins this afternoon and continues through May 26th at Tava Yoga. Learn to teach Tava’s aerial yoga flow, including cuing and sequencing, in this 30-hour training.

Make a mala infused with deep intention under Tracey Lanham’s guidance this afternoon at Mudra Yoga Pearl Street. Or try the Journey through the Chakras & Mandala Workshop with yoga teacher Kelli Gould and art therapist Valerie Epstein-Johnson this afternoon at hOMe Yoga Studio. Explore how the chakra energies affect your everyday life. Then create mandalas for each chakra.

Sign up for Reiki Basics: Practical Applications for Reiki Self-Care with yoga teacher and Reiki Master Alana Foy this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. This Japanese technique promotes stress reduction, healing and overall well-being.

Receive wisdom and guidance at the Restorative Yoga & Shamanic Journey with Julia Lyons this afternoon at Golden Yoga and Healing Arts. Or check out Raising Awareness: 90 Minute Yoga & Sound Immersion with Jamie Kuttenkuler this afternoon at Yoga Pod LoDo. Begin with a gentle yoga practice before relaxing and grounding to the vibrations of Native American drums, singing bowls and a planetary gong. Proceeds go towards the Colorado Freedom Project’s efforts to bring yoga, meditation, and mindful healing into the Colorado correctional system.

Get introduced to vinyasa at Roni’s 4-week workshop beginning this afternoon at Littleton Yoga Center. Learn or refine the elements of a vinyasa flow class, linking breath with movement.

Learn Safe Alignment for Epic Backbends this afternoon at Yoga Pod Westminster. Or try Backbends: Basics to Full Bloom with Erin Spors this afternoon at Yoga Junction. Begin or refine your backbend practice to feel energized and open.

The Handstand School with Julieta Claire begins this afternoon at The Freyja Project. This all-levels, 6-week school focuses on handstand fundamentals including proper technique, common misalignments, warm-up movements, core training, safe partner assists and use of props. Participants get weekly video analysis, a 30-minute private session with Julieta, and a free inversion workshop.

Check out Hot, Hip, and Holy: Jivamukti Workshop with Angie Stephens this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Chant, move, sweat, and tap into something deeper. Learn about the 5 tenants of the Jivamukti method, and explore the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras to develop a deeper understanding of the practice.

Sing your prayers at Kirtan with Sadananda this evening at Kosha Yoga Center. Or chant your heart open at the Kirtan House Party with Mike Cohen and the Shakti Groove tonight at Manitou Springs’s SunWater Spa. Mike also offers a Kirtan 101 workshop tomorrow. Listen to Mike’s Om Shanti Om track below.

Deeply relax at one of tonight’s sound healing experiences. Move into trance meditation for transformation and healing at Mary’s singing bowls Sound Healing Concert at Littleton Yoga Center. Or move into a higher state of consciousness at Gary Fishman’s Gong Bath at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Experience the vibrations of singing bowls, didgeridoos and planetary gongs. Choose crystals to balance your meridians and chakras to enhance the experience.

Sunday, April 29: Gina Caputo brings The Yoga Lab to Yoga Pod Boulder this morning. Use Integrated Vinyasa™ alignment principles to better understand how to find your “informed yet unique expression” in each family of postures. Watch Gina talk about Who am I as a Teacher in the video below.

Join Kady for Sun Sheerutations: Yoga + Ed Sheeran this morning at The Walnut Room. Stay after class for the beer or mimosa that is included in your ticket price.

Leslie Bradley and Craig Kurtz offer 2 workshops today at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver. Sign up for Observation and Correction of the Intro I Poses this morning to refine your skills. Or join them for Women’s Yoga: Asana Modifications for Pregnancy and Post-Partum this afternoon. This workshop is free for pregnant women.

Get your Access Bars Certification with Kim Macaulay today at Golden Yoga and Healing Arts. Lightly touch 32 points on the head to release blocks and stimulate positive change with this gentle, non-invasive technique.

Get your feet off the ground at Elevate: Arm Balances & Inversions with Brie and Mya this afternoon at Full Circle Yoga. This creative, all-levels class includes crow hop backs and transitions between multiple arm balances.

Welcome in peace with Yoga for Anxiety with Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher Jamie White this afternoon at Maitri Yoga Arvada. Experience more balance and calm with this combination of discussion, gentle movement, breath work, and meditation.

Give yourself Permission: Inside and Out with Jamie Kuttenkuler starting this afternoon at Yoga Pod Denver West. Each session in this 4-week series begins with a grounding meditation practice. Then practice a yoga sequence with affirmations based on the week’s theme before circling up to discuss the theme.

Relax and Restore at Mindful Yoga with Live Music with Megan Conner and Brett Randell this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Megan guides a gentle flow followed by a restorative sequence and Yoga Nidra practice. Brett supports the practice with vocals and guitar.

Deeply relax at Restorative Yoga, Energy Healing, Sound Immersion with Erin Berry and Mary Schroeer this afternoon at Maha Soul. Soak in the vibrations of crystal alchemy bowls while you are supported in restorative yoga postures. Experience a deep, guided meditation and the transformational power of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

Try Tai Chi Gung at Master David Paul’s workshop late afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Connect with nature with this series of simple standing exercises with gentle, balanced breathing. Watch the Tai Chi Gung with Master David Paul videa below.

Relax and rejuvenate at Restorative Mama Yoga with Kaitlin Jackson this evening at The Mama’hood. Set your intention, journal, breathe, and practice gentle and supported yoga poses before ending with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation. Poses are safe for prenatal and postnatal women.

Enjoy Shopping + Savasana at Fab’rik with Courtney Ford this evening at Yoga Joy. The event is followed by Christina Pischel’s Full Moon Yin Yoga Class with live music by Ashley Goodwin.

Get clarity at the Full Moon Meditation with Katie B. Smith tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Channel the full moon energy to accelerate emotional healing and “make great gains on the inner planes.”

Denver yoga calendar, week of April 16, 2018

You’ll find a wide variety of yoga, meditation, sound healing and Kirtan events in this week’s Denver yoga calendar. If you celebrate Earth Day or 420, you’ll find events too.

Monday, April 16: Get your essential oil questions answered at the free Essential Oils 101 class tonight at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. This class takes place on the 2nd Thursday afternoon and the 3rd Monday night of each month.

Tuesday, April 17: Deeply relax at the Tibetan Singing Bowls Spring Concert with Chris Anne and Jason Coviello this and tomorrow evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. Drift into an altered state to balance the chakras and facilitate healing. Garden members get a discount.

Create a rose quartz mala bracelet at Malas + Meditation: Cultivating Self Love with Liz and Megan tonight at RiNo Yoga Social. Focus on Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender at Lara Barber’s Prana Vinyasa: Exploring the Yamas and Niyamas class tonight at Full Circle Yoga. Or check out Buti Yoga with Ashton August every Tuesday evening at YogiApproved HQ. Buti Yoga combines yoga with tribal dance and plyometrics. Watch Ashton teach a 20 minute Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class in the video below.

Wednesday, April 18: Study the anatomy of the Nervous System with Laura Allard-Antelmi this afternoon at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Boulder’s Anatomy Study Studio. Or chant, dance and bask in the bliss at Community Kirtan with Tom Fuhrmann this and every Wednesday night at Little Rishikesh.

Thursday, April 19: If you’re a yoga teacher, drop by Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala this and the 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month for the free Teacher Talk with Hansa. Explore teaching tips and discuss what is coming up in your yoga classes.

Explore Guided Sitting Meditation with Denise Bickel this evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. Tonight’s focus is Pain is Inevitable; Suffering is Optional. Or join Barry Gillespie for Metta Meditation: The Practice of Loving Kindness tonight at Asana Studio. This heart-centered practice “consciously cultivates thoughts of loving-kindness towards an ever widening circle of beings.” Progressively pactice Metta and examine its underlying philosophy and psychology. Tonight’s session focuses on the Importance of Forgiveness.

Make a different craft each month at Karma Yoga Center’s Craft Night with Katrina Gustafson and a guest crafter, tonight and every 3rd Thursday night. Or experience Susan Haid’s Radiance Revolution tonight at Vital Center for Mind-Body Health. Susan explains the process of embodied enlightenment before facilitating a dream walk and a gong bath.

Friday, April 20: Explore The Art & Ritual of Letting Go with guest teacher Carrington Razook Jackson’s Fire Practice tonight at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Use meditation to let go of obstacles or clutter. Practice a detoxifying sequence with twists, backbends and core work. Then toss what no longer serves you into the flames.

Make your own mala and get a Vedic Astrology Chart Reading with Sarita Shrestha tonight at Kosha Yoga Center. Try the 4/20 CBD-Infused Partner Yoga Exploration with Kimberly Roecker Soults at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle. Or treat yourself to Yoga Night In with yoga teacher Shanin Weisberg and intuitive healer Maggie Carraher at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Maggie offers a group healing during the flow practice. Stay after the practice to hear Maggie’s readings and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine.

Deeply relax at one of these Friday night events. Get bodywork while resting in supported poses at Beth Sanchez’s Extended Restorative Practice at Kindness Yoga South Broadway. Breathe and Relax at Dhyan Mantra K.’s Singing Bowl Meditation at Mayu Sanctuary. Or enjoy Mind Free Friday: Sound Ceremony with Knomia Monika at Karma Yoga Center. Vision quest, meditate or time travel in this mantra-saturated ambient soundscape.

An Earth Day Yoga Intensive with Debra Ann Robinson-Menzies begins tonight and continues through Sunday at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver. Focus on Mahamudrasana and explore relationships hidden within poses, breath work and meditation. Attendance at the entire workshop is encouraged.

Saturday, April 21: Feel more connected and happy with Michelle Lee’s Brains and Yoga this morning at Samadhi Yoga Englewood. Combine yoga, breath work, neuroscience and psychology to support nervous system healing.

If you’re over 21, enjoy Restorative Yoga (CBD Stretch) this morning at The Coffee Joint’s 420 Weekend Carnival. Or sign up for Medicinal Cannabis Education and User Guidelines with cannabis consultant and yoga therapist Jill Schmitz midday at Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala. Learn about pairing yoga and cannabis to balance the doshas and affect the koshas and gunas. Attendees get a gift bag with non-infused cannabis related product.

The Hero’s Journey with international yoga teacher and author Kathryn Budig midday at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle is sold out, but you can call the studio to be added to the waitlist. This challenging class is inspired by the journey of the hero, from battling warrior poses and mystical arm balances to the enchantment of backbends. Kathryn also presents Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Backbends this afternoon. Use hands-on adjustments and partner work to deepen your backbends, and attempt a few that are not often done in flow classes. Watch Six Minutes Yoga Abs with Kathryn Budig in the video below.

Enjoy a Saturday afternoon workshop. Cultivate an eco- friendly lifestyle and learn to embody the concept of ahimsa (non-violence) at Yoga and Green Living with Sarah Shaw at Yoga Pod Southglenn. Examine areas in your daily life where you can make easy and effective changes to lessen your impact on Mother Earth. Get introduced to the history, philosophy and practices of Kundalini Yoga with Jacki Brown at Samadhi Yoga Englewood. Accompany your child aged 4-10 to Natalia Olejarnik’s Kids Yoga Workshop at Maitri Yoga Westminster. Learn about Prenatal Yoga, Safety, and Anatomy at the Axis Yoga Training with Anthony Davis. Or clear patterns and pain with Deborah Acker’s Energy-Clearing at Soul Tree Simpson Studio. Explore activations, exercises and energy clearing to release subconscious moments from your childhood.

Practice Opening to Your Intuition at the Energy-Clearing Workshop tonight at Ceremony Center for Healing. Or raise your vibrations at Gary Fishman’s Gongs, Bowls & Crystals Sound Healing Experience tonight at iBody. Gary leads this shamanic sound journey blending the sounds of gongs, singing bowls and didgeridoos.

Sunday, April 22: Get a new perspective at Mindfulness & Movement – Discover the Mind/Body Connection with Leslie Scotland-Stewart this morning at Endorphin Broadway. Learn the basics of mindfulness to increase stamina, enhance performance, and bring a greater sense of peace. Or choose from more than 50 types of gemstone bead to make your own mala with Mindy Arbuckle midday at Maitri Yoga Arvada.

Ashley Curran and Liza Morgan present Intro to Teaching Adaptive Yoga today at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Learn how to adapt yoga postures to students with any kind of mobility restriction or disability. This training is designed for certified yoga instructors as well as care providers, physical therapists, aides and family members with a working knowledge of basic yoga poses. Watch YOGAdapt’s Adaptive Yoga Class – Series I below.

If you’ve completed Reiki Level 1, sign up for Usui Reiki Level II today at Ceremony Center for Healing. Learn to practice Reiki on others, including providing distance Reiki. The training includes the Level II Attunement, manual and certificate.

Spend your afternoon in the yoga studio. Celebrate Earth Day with Channing Grivas’s Animalistic at One Yoga. Be an animal in every posture in this playful exploration of sound through movement. Connect to your inner fire at Ignite Your Core with Mariel Little at Kula Yoga Center. Learn to give hands-on adjustments at Megan Whiteside’s workshop at The River. Examine the Muscles of Breathing at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Boulder’s Anatomy Study Studio. Or Love Yourself Healthy with Laura Zeigler’s Self-Care Workshop this afternoon at Yoga Junction. Learn techniques to relieve tension, initiate daily self-care practices, and share in a group self-care process. Expect restorative yoga, self-massage, meditation, chanting, breath work and journaling.

Join Julieta Claire for Tigress Yoga – Inversion Module this afternoon at Endorphin City Park. This intermediate/advanced practice focuses on conditioning the core and upper body, and stretching the hips and hamstrings. Expect challenging inversions and transitions from inversions to arm balances.

Jen Soule presents Yoga for Tight Hips & Hamstrings Part II this evening at Yoga Junction. Learn how to strengthen hips, hamstrings, and low-back where you are tight and weak. Attendance at the first workshop is not required. Or bask in the bhav at Kalyani Karen DeMarco’s Bhakti Shakti Kirtan this and every Sunday night at Boulder’s Vali Soul Sanctuary.