Denver yoga calendar, week of October 15, 2018

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 15, 2018Thank you for your support of the Denver yoga calendar! Read this week’s calendar to find your perfect yoga, meditation, sound healing or Kirtan event. Subscribe to to have the calendar delivered to your email every Monday.

Monday, October 15: Let go of old limiting stories at Neurosculpting Yoga with Cyndi Morris this and every Monday evening at Neurosculpting Institute. Or get a jumpstart on creating healthy habits at Bree Murphy’s Restore program, beginning today at Endorphin Park Hill. Participants get 4 weeks of meal planning recommendations along with group support and accountability.

Tuesday, October 16: Help create balance for yourself and others with the Reiki 1 Training with Carole and Gitali beginning this afternoon at One Yoga. This 6-week immersion includes hands-on practice with step-by-step instruction. Participants get a Reiki level I certification upon course completion.

Receive what you need for healing at Healing Energies: Yoga, Hemp & Reiki with Alexi Neal tonight at Color Up Therapeutics. Settle in with a cup of hemp-infused peppermint tea before enjoying gentle vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga, both with Reiki assists. Or check out Kim Doyle’s Late Night Donation Yoga at Circus Collective.

Wednesday, October 17: Find Confidence Upside-Down with Polly Moriarty beginning tonight at Yoga Junction. Focus on handstand, forearm balance and headstand during this series.

Deepen your hot yoga practice at Kat Lloyd’s podHOT Teacher Training & Immersion beginning tonight and continuing through November 5th at Yoga Pod Cherry Creek. Learn the alignment, breath, sequencing and subtle energies of the practice during this 60-hour training. Get the tools to lead your own hot yoga classes. Learn more about the podHOT practice in the video below.

Thursday, October 18: If you’re a yoga teacher or mental health professional, sign up for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials (Level 1) with Bev beginning today and continuing through Sunday at hOMe Collective. The Phoenix Rising Method™ combines yoga and mindfulness with talk therapy. This training includes presentations, discussion, guided experiences, and an “elementary application of the practice.”

If you’re a Denver yoga teacher, attend the free Teacher Talk this and every 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month at Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala. Connect with other yoga teachers to discuss what is coming up in your classes and explore teaching tips.

Get creative at the monthly Craft Night with Katrina Gustafson and a guest presenter tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Each craft night has a different host, focus and craft.

Friday, October 19: Learn a New Way to Practice with national teacher Sean Haleen this weekend at One Yoga. Join Sean this evening for a Twists & Standing Poses Master Class. Sean continues tomorrow morning with Shoulders & Spine and tomorrow afternoon with Hips & Forward. The immersion wraps up on Sunday morning with Core & More. Watch Sean talk about spanda in the video below.

Learn about the anatomy of the Heart & Lungs this evening (and about the Digestive System on Sunday afternoon) at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Boulder’s Anatomy Study Studio. Or Treat Your Creative Self with Erin Berry tonight at MahaSoul. Begin with Erin’s gentle yoga class. Then walk to ArtSpark studio to paint while enjoying wine and chocolate pairings.

Check out Yoga Night In at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Victoria Guidi leads the Chi Generation-Inspired Hatha practice with Mira Devi providing the live soundtrack. Stay after class for community time. Or sign up for Friday Night Yoga Club at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Alex Lee-Ammons guides the flow practice with DJ Sami Tanamly laying down the beats. Stay after class for vendors, healthy snacks and community.

If you’re dealing with your own or someone else’s addictive behavior, attend Yoga for 12 Steps and Recovery (Y12SR) with Meryl Meranski tonight at Outlaw Yoga Littleton. Y12SR is a donation-based 12-step recovery meeting and yoga practice.

Deeply relax at the Singing Bowl Meditation tonight at Mayu Sanctuary. Or vision quest, meditate and time travel at Knomia Monika’s Mind Free Friday: Sound Ceremony tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Enjoy this mantra-saturated ambient soundscape.

If you’re a yoga teacher, enhance your presence at the Intuitive Assists & Energetic Touch Intensive with Sarah Woods beginning tonight and continuing this weekend at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. Observe, listen, and follow intuition by strengthening your practice of drawing inward. Or sign up for Marin McCallen’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training beginning tonight and continuing through the weekend at Gunbarrel Yoga Loft. This 18-hour training includes lecture, discussion, asana, pranayama, and giving and receiving Yoga Nidra. Learn to create your own scripts and to use voice, props, and music to hold space. Learn how to modify Yoga Nidra for special populations.

Saturday, October 20: Bring focused attention and intention to your dreams at Manifest with Mantra with Mindy Arbuckle today at Maitri Yoga Arvada. Learn Sanskrit mantras that help you manifest love, health, wealth, and much more. Watch her video Mantra for Freedom – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya below

If you’re a yoga teacher, sign up for Dosha Flow Ayurveda Teacher Training with Julia Clarke today at The River. Learn how to approach your class sequencing according to season, weather, lifestyle, and world events. Watch Julia’s Dosha Flow Teacher Training video below.

If you’re new to yoga, start with Lea-Ann Born’s Intro to Yoga beginning this morning at Kosha Yoga Center. This 6-week series teaches body awareness, alignment, breath work and active relaxation through a focus on 11 different yoga postures.

Explore Yoga’s ancient history with Erin Mathiason’s Philosophy Talks midday at Mudra Yoga Pearl Street. Dive deeper into Yoga with this monthly multimedia lecture and discussion series. Today’s talk focuses on The Upanishads and Vedanta as well as how Vedanta inspired the New Thought, Ancient Wisdom philosophy.

Keep Up Using Kundalini Yoga for Increased Vitality and Resilience with Dru Welborn this afternoon at Mudra Yoga Holly Street. Use exercise sets, breath work and meditations to help transform the world in a positive way.

If you’re a new or renewing member of the Iyengar National Association of the United States (IMIYA), join Angie Woyar for the IMIYA Membership Drive free backbends class this afternoon at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver.

Enjoy Kristine Whittle’s Roll And Restore Series this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Stanley Marketplace. Gently stretch and roll on rubber balls to massage muscles in this 4-week series. The practice ends with restorative yoga postures. You must purchase your own set of balls when you arrive for the workshop.

If you’re a mom-to-be, join Doula Dawn Harris and yoga instructor Katie Todd for their Optimal Fetal Position and Prenatal Yoga Workshop this afternoon at PranaTonic. Practice pre-natal yoga that helps create an “optimal birthing position.” Learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, and tips for pregnancy, child birth, and postnatal care.

Journey through the Chakras with Lourdes Wiley this afternoon at Ashva Yoga. Experience chakra-balancing yoga postures, meditation and aromatherapy.

Enjoy Bunny Yoga with John Espinosa this afternoon at Full Circle Yoga. Colorado House Rabbit Society staff educate the class on adopting one of the rabbits or volunteering at the shelter. Your class donation goes to Colorado House Rabbit Society.

Learn about Yoga’s sister science at Holistic Ayurveda for Wellness and Life Style 2: a YTT Open Session with Santosh this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Englewood. Explore the basic composition of the elements and the influences of the earth’s physical and seasonal cycles. Learn about your individual constitution and explore practices that support wellness.

Check out these Saturday night Yoga events. Check out the Yoga Party after Dark with Shelly Vonada at Asana Studio. Stay after Shelly’s live music yoga class to enjoy an all-you-can-eat Pizza Buffet. Practice Radical Self Love with the Yin Yoga & Essential Oils Experience with Nikki Rogers, Jenny Hecht and Melissa Carey at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Join Candess Giyan and Terra Willhoit for the Twin Hearts Full Moon Meditation Group at MahaSoul. Deeply relax at Claudia Ingraham’s Sound Healing Concert at Dancing the Soul. Or enjoy Mother Son Date Night-Halloween Gloga Class with Sara Guenther and her son at The Mama’Hood. Practice yoga with glow sticks and body paint under neon and black lights. Stay for post-class “monstrous” dance party, with finger foods and organic tea served.

Sunday, October 21: Unwind at Justin Kaliszewski’s Outlaw Yoga class this morning at Carboy Winery. Marco DiFerreira provides the live soundtrack. Stick around after class for the glass of beer or wine that’s included in your ticket price. Watch Justin teach Outlaw Yoga: The Power of our Stories in the video below.

Join Stefanie Gross for Hands on Deck: a Teacher’s Workshop on Helpful Adjustments for Your Students this morning at Yoga Pod Southglenn. Understand the why, when, and how to apply hands-on adjustments. Learn how to individualized adjustments based on a student’s height, strength, flexibility, and level of practice.

If you’re expecting, sign up for one of these afternoon workshops. Noelle Pierrat offers a challenging podMAMA class at Yoga Pod Westminster. Or, if you’re preparing for a mindful birth, try Yoga Birth with Melissa Williams at Yoga Junction. Learn to use yoga asana, visualizations, breathing exercises and non-verbal communication techniques to help labor progress smoothly.

Try the Seasonal Ayurveda Practice: Warmth & Nourishment for Fall with Ayurvedic yoga teacher Marissa Angeletti this afternoon at Kindness Yoga RiNo. Experience a grounding practice of warming asana, breath work, meditation and a mini self-oil massage. Or Heal Yourself with Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda today at Heidi Nordlund’s mountain workshop. Learn yoga poses for your head, neck, shoulders, back and hips as well as breathing, mantra, meditation and relaxation practices. Get Ayurvedic tips for pain relief, healthy digestion and optimal energy.

Spend your afternoon in a yoga studio. Find inner peace at the monthly Yin with Hot Stones practice with Michele Theorharris and Rhonda Williams at Maitri Westminster. This candlelight workshop includes heated stones and heated sandbags as well as hands-on adjustments to deepen your relaxation. Get Yoga Pro Tips from Erin Berry at MahaSoul. Deconstruct Sun Salutations: Series B with Allie Beckmann at Maitri Arvada. Or learn about the StarHouse Sacred Arts Practitioner Program at Sampler Night. Inhabit your temple and enliven your wisdom with this new 9-month program, beginning in spring 2019.

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 8, 2018

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 8, 2018Practice yoga on a slackline, in cirque fabric or with roaming rabbits. You’ll find a variety of special classes, workshops and events as well as yoga teacher continuing education opportunities in this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, October 8: Release stress and old limiting stories at Neurosculpting Yoga with Cyndi Morris this and every Monday evening at Neurosculpting Institute. Expect meditative movement to challenge your physical body and empower your brain.

Tuesday, October 9: Check out Blake Burger’s Vinyasa Yoga with Singing Bowls this evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. This grounding Vinyasa class begins with meditation and ends with a long savasana to the vibrations of Emma Kellher’s Singing Bowls. Or join Kim Doyle for Late Night Yoga this and every Monday at Circus Collective.

Wednesday, October 10: Create abundance and lasting change at Clairvoyant Meditation: The Foundation Skills with Lauren Skye beginning this morning at Samadhi Golden Triangle. Learn to relax and access your inner vision by focusing the power of your attention and intention.

Study the feet with Laura Allard-Antelmi late this afternoon at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Boulder’s Anatomy Study Studio. Or try the Goddess-Inspired Flow & Nidra with Brooke Coletta and Shanin Weisberg tonight at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. Invoke Kali, the fierce Goddess of Radical Transformation, through mudra, pranayama, mantra, a fiery flow and Yoga Nidra meditation.

Thursday, October 11: Sign up for the free Mala Making Workshop with Brittany Hopkins this evening at Container Collective Yoga and Bikes. Purchase a mala kit at the studio or bring your own.

Check out the first of StarHouse’s 3 Sampler Nights for their upcoming Sacred Arts Practitioner Program. Explore The 12 Senses as Doorways to Extended Perception & Participation in the Real with Lila Sophia and David Tresemer tonight. Dive into key aspects of the program.

Friday, October 12: Get your Access Bars Certification with Kim Macaulay today at Golden Yoga and Healing Arts. Learn to lightly touch the Access Bars® set of 32 points on the head to release physical and mental blocks and facilitate greater ease in different areas of life.

Play in arm balances and handstand at Flight School with Leda Olmsted and Alex Sandoval this evening at Yoga Pod Denver West. Enjoy Partner Yoga, wine and cheese at Nickki Pucher’s workshop this evening at Yoga Pod Lowry. Make your own mala informed by your customized Vedic Astrology birth chart with Tibetan Imports Owner Sarita tonight at Yoga Pod Westminster. Or take your balance to the next level at Slackasana with YogaSlacker Jerrod Fassler tonight at Kindness Yoga Broadway. Learn the slackline fundamentals of kneeling, sitting and standing while connecting your breath to stabilize movement. Watch the YogaSlackers: Slackline 101 video below.

Dance, meditate or relax at Lauren Gale’s Healing Soundbaths tonight at Karma Yoga Center and tomorrow evening at Mayu Sanctuary. Lauren uses musical styles ranging from indigenous sounds to electronic music for these eclectic sound journeys.

Release tension from vital energy points at Marma Restore for Body & Soul with Mira Devi tonight at Soul Tree South Studio. Begin with restorative poses with awareness of specific marma points and Mira’s hands-on marma therapy. Then give and receive a balancing marma sequence in pairs. End with a relaxing Marma Nidra, a meditation on 18 marma points.

Sign up for Embody Love Movement Facilitator Training with Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT beginning this evening and continuing through the weekend at Yoga Junction. Embody Love Movement Facilitators “empower girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world” through age-specific transformational programs. Watch the Inner Beauty Shop™ by Embody Love Movement video below.

Mary Sims introduces ALL Abilities Yoga at her workshop beginning tonight and continuing tomorrow at Mudra Yoga Holly Street. Participate in safe and honest discussion tonight to explore the power of vulnerability before ending with a restorative yoga practice. Get tools for teaching yoga classes to all abilities using the Guided by Humanity method during tomorrow’s session. The method includes adaptive yoga poses, and trauma-informed practices as well as sound techniques, fun breathing exercises, and Yoga Nidra. The workshop is open to all levels of experience, including yoga teachers, care providers, practitioners and their families. Watch Guided by Humanity’s video below.

If you’re a yoga teacher, Learn to Teach Yin Yoga with Kari Kwinn beginning tonight and continuing this weekend at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Learn how Western physiological concepts apply to Yin as well as how the practice utilizes the meridians from traditional Chinese medicine. Learn how to sequence a Yin practice and how to use props. Discuss special considerations in the practice for injuries and pregnancy.

Comeback Yoga presents a Trauma-Informed Yoga Class with Hala Khouri tonight and a workshop with her tomorrow at Denver’s Sandstone Care. The goal of a trauma-informed yoga is to build resiliency and self-regulation. Take tomorrow’s workshop to get tools from yoga, mindfulness and trauma research to manage, and even resolve, trauma symptoms. Explore how systemic patterns of trauma impact entire communities. This training is designed for anyone interested in this work including yoga teachers, clinicians, social workers, medical personnel. The nonprofit Comeback Yoga offers free yoga classes to help military personnel and their families “develop resiliency in response to their life experience that may include post-traumatic stress.” Watch Hala explain why trauma awareness is important for yoga teachers in the video below.

Saturday, October 13: Start your day at Noemi Nunez’s Bilingual Yoga at Denver Botanic Gardens. This all-levels Vinyasa practice is cued in English, Spanish and Sanskrit.

Enjoy Bunny Yoga with John Espinosa this afternoon at Full Circle Yoga. Proceeds from the class go to Colorado House Rabbit Society. Talk to Colorado House Rabbit Society staff at the event to learn how to adopt a bunny or to volunteer at the shelter.

Get introduced to the Handstand at Tracy Hamm’s workshop this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Platte Street. Learn training techniques and safe alignment to build strength and confidence in your handstand. Use the wall and partners to create a balanced and aligned pose.

Get introduced to Reiki and crystals at Noelle Eichholtz’s Mindful Restorative/Yin with Reiki and Stones this afternoon at Elevate Yoga. Aromatherapy, hot towels, massage and Reiki are woven into this restorative and Yin Yoga practice. Or release tension by rolling on rubber balls at Kristine Whittle’s Roll and Restore Series continuing this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Stanley Marketplace. The class ends with relaxing restorative yoga postures.

Attend Beyond Beautiful & Brave with Tracy Revell this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Change your consciousness and inner confidence to improve your health and shift your ability to influence others.

If you’re a yoga teacher, sign up for Body Language with Krista Bonura this afternoon at Yoga Pod Lowry. Learn “mature” cuing techniques to make Vinyasa-based movement more accessible.

Certified Personal Coach and yoga teacher Kevin Lockwood teaches you to BE the Designer of Your Life this evening at The Lotus Meditation. Get introduced to 5 key practices to create a fulfilling life. Work through a challenging block around a particular goal. Learn tools to be vulnerable and authentic. Release the idea of what you “should” be to uncover your greatest talents and gifts to share with the world.

Sign up for Melissa Carey’s regularly scheduled Yoga Flow class this evening at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio, with special guest Mira Devi providing a live soundtrack of guitar and chanting. Or join Laura Moses Granger for her monthly Sharanam Kirtan at Mudra Yoga Holly Street. Sing the names of the Divine at this devotional evening of Bhakti Yoga.

Sunday, October 14: Start your day at Carboy Winery for a yoga flow practice from Outlaw Yoga’s Megan Zamora with Marco DiFerreira providing the live music. Your ticket includes a post-class glass of wine or beer.

Check out these Sunday morning classes. Explore Thoughtful Transitions with Brittany Kassel at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Use biomechanics, repetition, metaphor, and your body’s inherent connectivity to slow down the transition moments and bring new clarity to your practice. Get introduced to the Bandhas at the YTT Open Session with Jeremy Wolf at Samadhi Yoga Englewood. Engage the bandhas to concentrate and direct the prana (energy) toward self-realization, the highest aim of practice. Or try Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Yoga with John at Mayu Sanctuary. Lu Jong opens the channels in the body and mobilizes misdirected energy to cultivate physical, mental and energetic balance. Learn 21 Lu Jong movements and get handouts on the movements for your home

Explore your relationship with the ground at the FloorPlay Mobility Workshop this afternoon at iBody. Discover how to create a fluid series of movements as you play with gravity. If you’re a yoga teacher, get great tools to bring more creativity into your sequences. Or take your yoga practice off the ground at Josh McGirk’s Aerial Yoga Master Class this afternoon at Aeriality Aerial Yoga. Move through an all-levels yoga class supported by cirque fabric. End with restorative poses in the fabric and deeper stretches on the floor.

Sign up for Kirtan 101 with Mike Cohen this afternoon at The Subtle Mind in Boulder. Learn about Bhakti Yoga, Sanskrit, mantras, deities, Lalita, and Dattatreya. Some participants can choose to be supported in leading the group in a simple chanting experience. Learn about Mike’s Kirtan Leader Institute in the video below.

Bring your kids to It Just Makes Scents! with Somah McCracken, owner of Savitur Botanicals and Affirmative Yoga this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Learn about the Ayurvedic properties and immune system benefits of essential oils. Enjoy a gentle yoga class with a partner foot massage with essential oils. Make and take home an oil blend for focus or stress relief. Attendance is free for kids 16 and younger.

Study the forearms, hands, and carpal tunnel with Laura Allard-Antelmi late afternoon at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Boulder’s Anatomy Study Studio. Or experience Breathwork Session Three: Breath with Air with Monica Ruderman late afternoon at The River. Ground into your body and the earth. Use a two-part breath to connect with air energy, exploring its wisdom and shadow.

Get more comfort and freedom of movement at Yoga for Tight Hips & Hamstrings with Jen Soule at Yoga Junction. Learn about and stretch the major muscle groups that support the lower back and hips in this evening’s session. Learn how to strengthen and stabilize your hips and hamstrings in next Sunday’s session.