Denver yoga calendar, week of October 24, 2016

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 24, 2016Whether you chose wear a costume or regular yoga attire, there’s a yoga event for you during this pre-Halloween week. Learn more in the Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, October 24: Get an Introduction to Sanskrit with Certified Yoga Therapist Jessica Patterson tonight at The Freyja Project. Learn about the language of yoga and the yoga of sound and vibration (Nada Yoga).

Wednesday, October 26: Maha Soul hosts a Henna Happy Hour this afternoon with henna with Anita from Hummingbird Henna Design, and hair wraps with Jen from Elevation Arts.

Friday, October 28: Get henna, meet wellness providers, and enjoy sound healing, wine and tea at the Harvest Henna event this evening at Catspaw Cushions and Yoga. Learn about yoga, essential oils, nutrition and more.

Outlaw Yoga and Friday Night Yoga Club present a Halloween Yoga Party tonight at Galvanize Platte. Justin Kaliszewski guides the yoga flow backed by musicians KenK and Mas Amor. Get a half-price ticket if you wear a costume. The best costume wins $500 off Yoga Teacher Training at Outlaw Yoga.

Deeply relax at the Sound Healing Meditation with yoga teacher, sound healer, Reiki Master, bodyworker and musician Rica Potenz tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Balance your chakras with visualizations along with the vibrations of the gong and singing bowls. Or check out the Guided Chakra Awareness Workshop with Micahla Cowles tonight at The Yoga Mat. Balance each of your energy centers with chakra-specific poses, yoga flow, meditation and sound healing.

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos early with the Special Lunar Bliss Practice followed by Sugar Skull Art Offering tonight at Asana Studio. Connect with a loved one who has passed away by bringing along their picture and an object they used to love. Pre-registration is required for this offering from Susie Ritchey and Adi Luna.

Saturday, October 29: Enjoy a Fall Soul Brunch this morning at Infinite Monkey Theorem. Yoga teacher Bailey Smith guides the hourlong, essential oil-infused vinyasa practice. “Soon to be cookbook author” Caitlin Leibert whips up the seasonal brunch after the yoga practice. Or check out the free Deep House Vinyasa class this morning with Madelyn and James of Low Cut at Lululemon Cherry Creek.

Commit to Power of Presence with Justin Kaliszewski today and tomorrow at Outlaw Yoga. This self-exploration is designed to confront your habits and elevate you to a new sense of being on and off of your yoga mat (watch the video below to get an idea of his teaching style).

If you’re a yoga teacher, deepen your understanding of Physical Anatomy: Structure & Movement with Irene Doherty today and tomorrow at Maitri Yoga Center. Focus on the muscles, joints, bones, and myofascial system. Learn how to translate your knowledge of anatomy into “intelligent cueing.”

Balance the energies of light and dark at Yoga and Gothic Belly Dance Fusion with Anna Volak this afternoon at Mudra Yoga Pearl Street. Learn about several basic herbs and home remedies at Herbs of Ayurveda: The Basics this afternoon at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala. Explore samana vayu at the 3rd installment of How Prana Moves: The 5 Vayus with Lisa Theis this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Or accompany your little ones to the Kids Yoga Workshop with Karina Jacobson this afternoon at Maitri Yoga Center. Enjoy farm-themed yoga poses, garden vegetable printing and much more.

Deeply relax at the Monthly Yoga Nidra with Deb Parsons this evening at Full Circle Yoga. Or join the New Moon Sister Circle with Barb Moore and Chris Mitchell tonight at Soul Tree Yoga South Studio. Share poetry and gentle yoga followed by personal sharings.

Enjoy a Halloween-Themed Kirtan with Katie Wise and Bhakti Explosion tonight at Boulder’s Restaurant and Gathering Space. Special guests including Mike Cohen and Yoshi Aono join Bhakti Explosion for mantra rock and DJ dancing. Dress up in your favorite costume, and bring the kids along. (Meet Bhakti Explosion in the video below.)

Sunday, October 30: Learn Reiki Level I at the Immersion & Certification with yoga teacher and Reiki Master Alana Foy today at Karma Yoga Center. This Japanese technique promotes stress reduction and healing. Learn specialized techniques for self-healing treatments and treating others.

Open to more success and joy at The Power and Potency of Being You: Access Consciousness Bars with Samadhi Yoga Founder Annie Freedom today at the Uptown studio. This 32-point system on your head releases your blocks to receiving when gently touched.

Take a Chakra Journey with Kristen Boyle this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Broadway. Enjoy the “musical medicine” of the gong and singing bowls at the Halloween Gong Concert: Unmasking the True Self with Ann Martin this afternoon at Kosha Yoga Center. Or bring the family to the Meanie Face Kids Yoga Halloween Party this afternoon at The Yoga Mat. Listen to a kid-friendly Halloween story and play yoga games. Don’t forget to wear your costume.

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 17, 2016

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 17, 2016As the days get shorter and colder, it’s the perfect time to turn inward. Find workshops and events to deepen your practice and your self-awareness in this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, October 17: Center, relax and heal through Soulful Breathwork with Christian De La Huerta tonight and Wednesday night at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. This simple and gentle breathing practice can help to heal past trauma and facilitate spiritual experiences. Register early as these popular workshops are likely to sell out (and get an introduction to Christian in the video below).

Tuesday, October 18: Sign the little ones up for the Kids Yoga Series with Shauna Hylenski, beginning this afternoon at Longmont’s Full Circle Yoga. Kids gain strength, focus and self-esteem through breath work, movement and meditation during this 4-week series.

Deeply relax at Bhakti Nidra with Mark tonight at Mayu Sanctuary. Enjoy this combination of guided meditation and relaxation accompanied by live music. Bring a yoga mat, your favorite blanket, and a bolster or cushion for under your knees. RSVPs are requested.

Thursday, October 20: If you’re a yoga teacher, attend the free Teacher Talk at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala this and the 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month. Explore teaching tips, discuss what is coming up in class, and connect with teachers from other traditions and studios.

Join longtime meditation teacher and practitioner Barry Gillespie for Metta – the Practice of Loving Kindness tonight at Asana Studio. In Theravada Buddhism, Metta is “the practice of consciously cultivating thoughts of loving-kindness towards an ever widening circle of beings.” Tonight’s focus is Metta for a dear friend.

Friday, October 21: Kindness Yoga Hilltop hosts international yoga teacher Desiree Rumbaugh for Upgrade Your Operating System this weekend. If you’re a yoga teacher or experienced student, join her this morning for an intermediate and advanced backbend practice. The rest of the weekend workshop is open to all levels, including this evening’s Earth session with a focus of standing poses and hip openers. The workshop continues on Saturday morning with Fire, an all-levels backbends practice, and Saturday afternoon with the forward folds and twists of Water. Desiree wraps up her workshop on Sunday morning with Air, focusing on arm balances and inversions. (Watch a sample of one of Desiree’s classes below.)

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training begins today and continues through Sunday at The Mama’hood boulder. Play, sing, dance and laugh while learning to teach yoga at this 3-day training. Learn 350+ yoga poses, yoga games, partner acrobatics, and breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques, all suitable for little yogis.

Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle hosts Tantric visionary Dawn Cartwright today for The Red Tent: Sacred Sexuality for Women. Experience sacred sexuality practices and enjoy nourishing soups, greens, elixirs and aphrodisiacs. Take this time to rest, restore and simply be.

Get a preview of Dawn Cartwright’s weekend workshop at Tantra: The Path of Divine Love Evening Preview at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Join the Yoga Night Out to Benefit Standing Rock with yoga instructor Marin Mccallen and musician Melissa Carey this evening at Lafayette’s Soul Tree Yoga. Relax to the vibrations of singing bowls and voice at Mind Free Friday: Sound & Vibrational Alchemy with Ananda Glick tonight at Karma Yoga Center (hear some of Ananda’s vocals in the video below). Chant and dance at Maha Kirtan at The Lumber Baron Inn this and every third Friday, with Laura Moses Granger of Sharanam Yoga & Kirtan leading tonight’s Kirtan. Explore each chakra through free and spontaneous movement at the Chakradance™ Workshop: Prepare for Autumn & Winter with Wendy L. Bradshaw this evening at Rishi’s Community Yoga. Or enjoy tonight’s Friday Night Yoga Club at Asana Studio, with Karen Jochum leading the 75-minute yoga flow and Scooter Vineburgh providing the live soundtrack. Stick around after the yoga practice for healthy snacks, wellness vendors and community.

Saturday, October 22: Cultivate more compassion and joy at Tantra: The Path of Divine Love Weekend Immersion with Dawn Cartwright at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Dawn shares the Tantric practices she learned during her recent pilgrimage to India. Explore Tantric breathing, yoga and meditations. Singles and couples of all ages and orientations are welcome to attend.

Mike Cohen presents Kirtan 101 this afternoon at Boulder’s Anjaneya Yoga Shala. Get a deeper understanding of Kirtan’s essential elements, including Sanskrit, mantra, deities and saints. You might even lead the group in a chant. (Check out Mike’s Shiva Om video below.)

If you suffer from limited mobility, scoliosis or sciatica, sign up for Back Pain Relief with Jordan New this afternoon at iBody. Increase mobility, improve posture, and reduce or even eliminate pain through therapeutic movements and yoga, acupressure and Qi Gong techniques.

Deepen your yoga knowledge and practice at one of these afternoon workshops. Learn Sanskrit Fundamentals with Liz Antognoli at Maitri Yoga Center. Deeply relax at Yoga Nidra – a Journey through the Koshas with Shree’ Fulcher at The Sol Shine. Enjoy a free Community Gentle Yoga class with Cindy Hamilton at Rishi’s Community Yoga. Grow and develop your practice at the Beginners Series II with Lea-Ann Born beginning midday today at Kosha Yoga Center. Learn the proper alignment of the Chaturanga Dandasana vinyasa at the Chaturanga Workshop with Heather and Bonnie at Littleton Yoga Center. Or improve range of motion and circulation at Allie Geer’s Myofacial Release Workshop at Full Circle Yoga. Use tennis balls in a slow flow yoga practice to target the body’s trigger points.

Enjoy a hatha yoga practice, meditation and an hour of Savasana at the Double Gong Bath & Singing Bowl Concert with Tana Pittman and Siana Coughran this afternoon at Castle Rock’s Ashva Yoga. Or relax at the Gong Bath Sound Healing with Gary Fishman tonight at iBody. Experience the healing tones of didgeridoos, singing bowls and planetary gongs.

Sunday, October 23: Deeply relax at Yoga Nidra with Karen Quinn at lunchtime today at Rishi’s Community Yoga. Or discover your “inward sanctuary” at Surrender in the City: Guided Self-Care, Movement & Healing with yoga teacher and fitness coach Jen Ibanez this afternoon at The Freyja Project. Use movement, mindful discussion and journaling to explore self-study and the art of surrender.

Sara Guenther facilitates the Birth Story Healing Circle and Yin Yoga Practice this afternoon at The Mama’hood Denver. If you’re processing emotional birth trauma postpartum, join this intimate healing circle focused on yoga, self-study and personal growth.

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 10, 2016

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 10, 2016Chant and dance at the Rocky Mountain Kirtan Summit, get out of town for the Eagle Yogafest, or check out the “light experience” at Soul Pose Yoga. These are just some of the great events listed on this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, October 10: Join Noemi Nunez for Bilingual/Spanish Vinyasa 1-2 every Monday and Wednesday night at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Postures are cued in Sanskrit, so speakers of all languages have the opportunity to understand the poses and transitions. Refinement cues are given in both in Spanish and English.

Wednesday, October 12: Release and reset at Nikki William’s Full Moon Yoga class this evening at Maitri Yoga Center. This mindful, intermediate vinyasa class includes moon salutations (Chandra namaskar), breath work, mudra, mantra and meditation to help you find your balance. Or enjoy Wine Down Wednesday, a yoga and wine event, tonight at prAna in Cherry Creek.

Thursday, October 13: Check out the special class with Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher and faculty member Rachel Nelson this evening at Container Collective Yoga & Bikes. Find a deeper sense of authenticity and purpose with Rachel’s powerful yoga class.

Friday, October 14: Enjoy the last of the fall leaves and make the trip to Eagle, Colorado for the Eagle Yogafest. The event begins with an Ancient Wisdom, Modern Body Teacher’s Immersion with Colorado School of Yoga’s Julia Clarke and Kirsten Cooper. Explore postural anatomy and energetic sequencing appropriate for today’s yoga practitioner. Learn how to incorporate breath work, meditation, and deep relaxation into public classes to counteract the stresses of modern life. The Eagle Yogafest continues today and tomorrow with workshops from Denver favorite Jeremy Wolf as well as Eagle and Vail yoga instructors.

Check out the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Josh McGirk, beginning today at Aerial Cirque over Denver. This 3-day weekend training is designed for those who want to teach as well as those who wish to deepen their practice.

Kindness Yoga Hilltop hosts Aaron Wiemeier, Executive Director and Mental Health Clinician at the Rocky Mountain Trauma Institute, for Trauma Training for Yoga Teachers this afternoon. Learn about childhood, recent and secondary trauma, the three main types of trauma that yoga teachers encounter, “to better hold space” for your students.

The Know Your Bow Weekend begins this evening at Vital Center for Mind-Body. This is the introductory workshop covering the fundamentals of the Bowspring, a universal and therapeutic postural template used in yoga and functional movement. This 5-class series progressively guides students though the most basic forms of the Bowspring method. Sign up for the full weekend or a single session.

If you’re a yoga teacher, body worker, therapist or dedicated student, register for Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Kristine Whittle. The training begins tonight and continues through Sunday evening at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Get introduced to the basic methodologies of teaching Restorative Yoga and experience simple relaxation techniques.

Chant, dance and bask in the bliss at the Rocky Mountain Kirtan Summit 2016, beginning tonight at Highland Event Center. The 2-night event features 20 local Colorado Kirtan leaders. Tonight’s leader line-up includes Tom Fuhrmann, Mike Cohen, Katie Wise & Bhakti Explosion and many more.

Kindness Yoga Broadway hosts tonight’s Friday Night Yoga Club. Yoga teacher Alyssa Gunn leads the yoga practice with Aaron “Dubphonic” Vincent spinning the tunes. Hang out after the class to enjoy the wellness vendors, healthy snacks and community.

Learn about the Anatomy of Pranayama tonight at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala. Deeply relax at Mind Free Friday: Gong Bath with Marshall Bendelac & Megan Sax tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Or, if you’re a new mother, enjoy Vino and Vinyasa with Logan Kinney tonight at The Mama’hood Denver.

Saturday, October 15: Denver Bikram Yoga presents a workshop today with International Yoga Teacher and Champion Joseph Encinia. Learn to see your body and the postures as your teachers in order to self-correct your alignment and achieve your wellness goals. Or, if you’re dealing with change or transformation, try Yoga and Writing for Healing with Carrieann McDonough today at Golden Yoga & Healing Arts.

The Rocky Mountain Kirtan Summit continues with 2 daytime workshops and a second evening of chanting. Attend the all-levels Neurosculpting® Yoga workshop with Michelle Lee Weldon this afternoon, with live music from Scott and Shanti Medina. Enjoy the Drumming inside the Mantra workshop with Gayan, also this afternoon. Tonight’s Kirtan lineup includes Bhakti Shakti Kirtan Chanting, SoMAntra™ with Scott and Shanti Medina and other Colorado Kirtan leaders.

Spend your afternoon in a great workshop. Make your own 108 bead mala and learn how to use it at Bead Here Now: Mala Making Workshop with Ananda Glick at Karma Yoga Center. Attend the all-levels Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop with Brittany Hopkins at Container Collective Yoga & Bikes. Use specific postures, breath work and relaxation techniques at Yoga for Stress Relief and Hormone Balance with Lourdes Wiley at Castle Rock’s Ashva Yoga. If you’re expecting, sign up for Prenatal Partners: Yoga for Birth with Laurel Hunt at Mudra Yoga Holly Street. If you’re new to yoga, start with Yoga 101: A 2-hour Introduction to Yoga with Kiera Cristobal at Yoga Pod Cherry Creek.

Train your mind through meditation at Accelerate Your Healing: Full Moon Energy with Katie Smith tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Or deeply relax at Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Crystals: Gong Bath with Gary Fishman at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle.

Sunday, October 16: Take your practice outside this morning for the Yoga & Live Music event with yoga instructor Nikki Aiello and musician Gayan Gregory Long at So Hum Yoga & Wellness Bungalow. Or be part of the choreographed “light experience” at Soul Pose Yoga, practicing in the glow of black light while wearing an LED bracelet. Sign up for the morning or lunchtime session of this all-levels event from the creators of The Color Run at the National Western Complex Expo Hall.

Deepen your practice with an afternoon workshop. Lisa Theis continues her Yogic Philosophy series at The Freyja Project with a discussion of the Bhagavad Gita. Weave belly dance and Indian dance with Moon Salutations at Belly Dance Yoga with Saraphina Mesmer at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Join psychic, healer and spiritual educator Jen Dundee for her Understanding Spirits Class at Mudra Yoga Holly Street. Deeply relax at the Diwali Yoga Nidra Workshop with Joyce Miyagishima this afternoon at Pranatonic. If you’re expecting or are a new mom, check out Move and Meditate with Erin Spors at The Mama’hood Boulder. Or, if you’re new to yoga, start with the Intro to Yoga Beginner Series with Terri Mairley that begins this afternoon at Kosha Yoga Center.

The Flight Club: Acroyoga 3-Week Series with Jen Cameron and Austin Goodman begins this evening at Kindness Yoga Broadway. No partner or experience is necessary for this introduction to flying, basing and spotting. Or focus on your inner practice at Full Moon Blindfold Yoga with Christine Miller tonight at Kindness Yoga Platte Street.

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 3, 2016

Denver yoga calendar, week of October 3, 2016

Deepen intimacy, connect with your sacred feminine or move toward bliss. You’ll find opportunities to experience all this and much more on this week’s Denver yoga calendar.

Monday, October 3: Civic Center MOVES wraps up their season of free weekday fitness classes this Thursday. Don’t miss the final Monday evening yoga class with Fold Yoga on the Civic Center Park Great Lawn. There’s also one more Thursday lunchtime Yoga Cross class with The River and Fitness in the City, as well as one last Thursday evening Power Vinyasa Yoga with The River.

Tuesday, October 4: If you’re a yoga teacher, deepen your knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics at Jen Wilking’s Anatomy Club this evening at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Explore the shoulder’s musculoskeletal anatomy including the muscles, bones and joints. Learn how to prevent shoulder injuries in yoga practice.

Deeply relax at Bhakti Nidra with Mark tonight at Mayu Sanctuary Denver. Gently transition into this combination of guided relaxation and meditation, with live music to serenade you “back into consciousness.” Bring a yoga mat, your favorite blanket and a cushion for underneath your knees. RSVPs are requested for this event.

Wednesday, October 5: Get a deeper sense of practice and self at Integrated Body: Moving with Strength and Grace with Delara Marchbank this evening at Maitri Yoga Center. Explore pelvic girdle alignment tonight by working on 3 postures in pairs and with props.

Thursday, October 6: Explore Metta – the Practice of Loving Kindness with longtime meditation practitioner and teacher Barry Gillespie tonight at Asana Studio. Metta is the conscious and heart-centered practice of sending loving-kindness to “an ever widening circle of beings”. Tonight’s installment of this 7-part series focuses on Metta for a Benefactor.

If you’re new to yoga, start tonight with the Yoga 101 Beginner Series with Conny Twomey at Longmont’s Full Circle Yoga. This 4-week series brings together anatomy, alignment, breath work and yoga philosophy. The series price includes a new Yoga mat.

Friday, October 7: Let go of tension and negative emotions at the First Friday Gong & Meditation with Pam Ewald tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver. Or bask in the transformational sound waves at the Sacred Mantra Gong Bath with Richard Rudis tonight at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver. Arrive at 6:30 p.m. to receive a Deeksha Oneness Blessing with Kila Lau before the Gong Bath (watch the video below for a short introduction to the gong bath).

Learn basic techniques and rhythms at the Mind-Free Friday: Drum Circle with Zay Alejandro Camara Rios tonight at Karma Yoga Center. All are welcome to join this healing circle, including beginners.

Join Svetlana Lambrozo for Understanding Ourselves through Chakras & Yogic Psychology tonight at Kosha Yoga Center. Explore the energy centers (Chakras) and sheaths (Koshas) to gain information about your body, mind, and emotions.

Check out the Friday Night Yoga Club event tonight at Colorado Athletic Club – Union Station. The Glowga-style practice is guided by Aston August, co-founder of YogiApproved, com. DJ Amberdehn lays down the beats. Stick around after the class for healthy snacks, music and community.

Connection Coalition certification with Claire Santos begins tonight and continues through Sunday afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Park Hill. Connection Coalition provides yoga outreach programming for youth at rehab facilities, shelters and schools. This 15-hour certification is for anyone. Yoga teacher certification is not required to join the volunteer programming team (learn more about Connection Coalition in the video below).

Saturday, October 8: Learn the Healing Gift of Reiki with yoga teacher and Reiki Master Carrie Varela today and tomorrow at YogaPod LoDo. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique in which the healer channels energy through their hands. Learn to receive and send Reiki energy for self-treatment, treating others, and long-distance healing. Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Or, if you’re an experienced Yin Yoga teacher (or have completed the level 1 training), Learn to Teach Yin Yoga Level 2 with Kari Kwinn today and tomorrow at Kindness Yoga Hilltop.

The Yoga Mat presents a GABF Recovery Yoga + Beer event this morning at Ratio Beerworks. Take a break from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) for a yoga class, then enjoy the beer that’s included in your ticket price.

Learn about yoga’s sister science at Foundations of Ayurveda with yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Certified Master Herbalist Geenie Celento this afternoon at The Freyja Project. Explore how your unique constitution (Dosha) affects your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Find your H.I.P.S. – Heartfelt Improvisations Promoting Samadhi with Sheree Semonich this afternoon at Mudra Yoga Holly Street. Use asana, dance, partner work, vocal release, and meditation to promote the free movement of your mind and body to uncover your bliss state. All levels of experience welcome.

Move toward wholeness and Self-realization by Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine at the Shamanic Empowerment Workshop with Jenny Adams & Valerie Coward, beginning this evening at One Yoga. Explore the aspects of the sacred feminine through archetypal storytelling of Greek Goddesses, asana, meditation, discussion and shamanic techniques in this 5-week series.

Join Alana Foy for Deepening Intimacy: Connecting Through the Lens of the Soul tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Or chant and dance at Sharanam Kirtan with Laura Moses Granger tonight at Mudra Yoga on Holly Street.

Sunday, October 9: So Hum Yoga & Wellness Bungalow, located in the Wash Park area, offers a free yoga class this morning at 11. Stick around for their open house this afternoon.

Harmonize your body at Yin and Acupuncture with yoga teacher Mike Ninomiya, along with Licensed Acupuncturists Laura McKinley and Shannon Stevens, this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Acupuncture and Yin Yoga both focus on the fascia to balance the body and energy during the season change. Or sign up for Ayurveda 101: Learn Enough to Understand an Ayurveda Book this afternoon at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala. Get acquainted with the history and basic concepts of Ayurveda, and learn simple Ayurvedic tools for your daily life.

Join in the call and response chanting at the Kirtan with Gitali and Jonathan Sadlar tonight at One Yoga. Advanced registration is appreciated.