Denver yoga calendar, week of March 20, 2017

Denver yoga calendar, week of March 20, 2017Move your yoga practice and your life in a new direction at this change of season. Check out the workshops and events in this week’s Denver yoga calendar to begin.

Monday, March 20: Happy Spring Equinox! Open to new possibilities at the Spring Equinox Meditation Circle with Irene Doherty this evening at Maitri Yoga Arvada. Get a personalized affirmation and practice breath work, the Gayatri Mantra, a Peaceful Abiding meditation and Yoga Nidra.

Renew your spirit at the donation-based Kirtan Workshop with Shawna S. and Shauna H. tonight at Longmont’s Full Circle Yoga. Practice sacred chanting to deepen your awareness of the love that always surrounds you.

Celebrate the change of seasons at the Spring Equinox Celebration tonight at Container Collective Yoga + Bikes. Set spring intentions. Practice sun salutations to let go of what no longer serves you.

Tuesday, March 21: Kindness Yoga Hilltop hosts Christian De La Huerta for Soulful Breath Work sessions tonight and tomorrow night. Relax and center with this simple yet powerful breathing practice. Bring your yoga mat, a pillow and a light blanket. Register early as these workshops sell out. Watch the video below for an introduction to Christian.

Incorporate yoga into your recovery by attending the donation-based Y12SR Meeting – Yoga and 12 Step Recovery this and every Tuesday evening at Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church.

Comeback Yoga offers free yoga classes for veterans, their families and their caregivers. Join Comeback Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday nights for class at Denver’s VFW Post #1. Learn more about Comeback Yoga for Veterans in the video below.

Wednesday, March 22: Chant, dance and bask in the bliss at the house Kirtan with Tom Fuhrmann and Denver Community Kirtan, this and every Wednesday night. Or take your yoga practice to a new level at Erik Schnackenberg’s Full Circle Yoga class this evening with live music from Jay on the Drums. Jay uses the Djembe to create rhythms that provide a solid foundation for each pose and flow. Watch the Jay on the Drums Bio video below.

Thursday, March 23: Runners of all levels are welcome at the Road Warriors Run-Yoga Series with Yoga Pod Littleton’s Malissa Schwamm and Run Coach Lauren Jones this evening at Clement Park. Each session starts with a 45-minute run varying by distance and intensity. Enjoy a 60-minute yoga class at Yoga Pod Littleton after your run. The Thursday evening series continues through April 20. There is also a Sunday morning series that continues through April 23.

Friday, March 24: Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle hosts this week’s Friday Night Yoga Club. Jordan New guides the flow and SoloMoon provides the live soundtrack. Stay after class for healthy snacks, wellness vendors and mingling.

Learn techniques “to move yourself and others into a pain-free practice” at Detail and Depth: Hands-On Assists, Alignment, and Self-Awareness with Buffy Barfoot this weekend at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Buffy shares specific yoga therapeutics as well as yoga methods to bring relief for some chronic disorders.

Change your vibrational frequency and raise your consciousness at one of these Friday night events. Dance, meditate, or relax at Mind Free Friday: Experiential Sound Healing with Lauren Gale at Karma Yoga Center. Release blocks and heal negative patterns at Multi-Dimensional Healing with Bette Hanson at Full Circle Yoga. Or join Rica Potenz for Sound Healing Meditation at Lafayette’s Soul Tree Yoga. This journey through the chakras combines visualization with the sounds of gongs, tingshas, singing bowls, and a crystal singing pyramid.

Saturday, March 25: Improve your well-being with the Wim Hof Breathing Method at Vital Center for Mind-Body Health. Elizabeth Lee presents a morning session and another in the afternoon.

Learn the neuroscience of your practice at Your Brain on Yoga with Yoga Teacher and U.S. Marine Veteran Sarah Plummer Taylor this afternoon at The Freyja Project. Explore how yoga, breathwork and meditation improves sleep, mood and memory. Watch the sample video about Sarah below.

Get introduced to conscious manifestation at the Physics of Thought with Liz Antognoli this afternoon at Maitri Yoga Arvada. Explore the levels of awareness (koshas) and the laws behind them to shift your paradigm.

If you are a mother dealing with emotional birth trauma, sign up for the Birth Story Healing Circle and Yin Yoga Practice with Sara Guenther this afternoon at The Mama’hood. This small and intimate circle focuses on yoga, healing and personal growth.

Play in the cirque fabric at the Aerial Yoga workshop hosted by Aeriality Aerial Yoga this afternoon at Aerial Cirque over Denver. Or take flight at the Acro Yoga Workshop with Samantha Palmer and Taylor Johnson this afternoon at Yoga Pod Cherry Creek.

Jojo’s Sriracha sponsors a Benefit for the ALS Association with Beth Sanchez this afternoon at Kindness Yoga Platte Street. All donations go to the Rocky Mountain Chapter ALS Association.

Hansa Knox presents Esoteric Sanskrit this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Chant the Sanskrit alphabet and practice asana, breath work, mantra and meditation.

Release stagnant physical and emotional energy at Healing with the Elements: An Introduction to Kriya Yoga Breathwork with holistic healer and singer/songwriter Kaylani Buckman this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Kaylani also offers an Evening of Conscious Music and Devotional Chanting.

Sign up your kids ages 4-12 for a yoga class and a healthy snack with Alana Kazam at The Freyja Project while you enjoy Parents’ Night Out.

Sunday, March 26: Check out Cheerflow: An Uplifting Morning Yoga Party for Charity with Jaclyn Fu this morning at Happy Leaf Kombucha. Donations go to the Sierra Club. Enjoy the hour long vinyasa yoga practice with live DJ music and “earthy aromatherapy.” Stay after for brunch and get a free glass of kombucha.

Take some time for yourself by attending one of these afternoon workshops. Create a Personal Gratitude Journal with Cyndi Jarest at Karma Yoga Center. Experience Rebirth & Transformation through Self Care with Sara M. at Golden Yoga & Healing Arts. If you’re new to yoga, start with Yoga 101: 2-hour Introduction to Yoga with Tearson Bickmore at Yoga Pod Boulder. Advance Your PodHot Practice with Jamie Kuttenkuler at Yoga Pod LoDo. Explore specific breathing practices and integrate breath in a gently flowing yoga practice at Pranayama: Mindfulness and Healing through Breath with Indigo Stray Conger at Mudra Yoga Studio Pearl Street. Learn Ayurveda for Your Yoga Practice with Hansa Knox at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Or join Sarah Widmann, owner and designer of OMmala Designs, for her Mala Workshop at The Freyja Project. Enjoy an afternoon of light snacks and other refreshments while knotting your own lavender jade mala.

If you’re a new mom or mom-to-be, deeply relax at the Restorative Yoga Mama Retreat with Rebecca Peterson this evening at The Mama’hood. Set an intention, journal, and be guided through supported poses, breath work and relaxation. Cost includes a small journal, tea and a snack as well as the yoga class.

Enhance the “whole brain process” with Kelley Seriano’s Neurosculpting® Yoga tonight at The Neurosculpting Institute. Combine yoga with guided visualization, specific sequencing and Neurosculpting® language to create a new habit or desired quality.

Share your story at the New Moon Sister Circle with Barb Moore and Chris Mitchell tonight at Soul Tree Simpson Studio. Meet in circle with poetry, gentle yoga, journaling, meditation and sharing. Pre-registration is required for this $5 event.

Denver yoga calendar, week of March 13, 2017

Denver yoga calendar, week of March 13, 2017This last week of winter is packed full of great yoga, meditation, sound healing and Kirtan workshops. Read this week’s Denver yoga calendar to find out more.

Monday, March 13: Check out Kundalini Yoga with Chris Anne Coviello this and every Monday night at Denver Botanic Gardens Morrison Center. Bring water, your yoga mat and a blanket or pillows to sit on. Garden members get a discount.

Tuesday, March 14: Fundamentals of Yoga with Marin Mccallen begins this evening at Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio. This 3-week course builds a foundation through the practice of breathing techniques and correct alignment.

Wednesday, March 15: If you’re new to yoga, start with Kat Horn’s Creating Foundation Yoga 6-week series that begins tonight at Fit Life Champions. Explore the history and philosophy of yoga, and practice a full spectrum of yoga poses.

Thursday, March 16: Join yoga teachers from different studios and traditions for the free Teacher Talk this and the 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala. Discuss what is coming up in your classes and share teaching tips.

The Five Talks on the Ten Paramis (perfections) with longtime meditation practitioner and teacher Barry Gillespie continues tonight at Asana Studio. In the Theravada Buddhist tradition, paramis together describe a sequential path to enlightenment. Tonight’s focus is the character aspects of renunciation and wisdom.Teachings are all donation-based.

Explore Ayurveda at I Am What? Evaluating Your Prakriti and Vikriti with Heidi tonight at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala. Discover your individual constitution, what is currently affecting you, and how to come back to your “natural state of being.”

Embrace the uncertain at A Blindfold Yoga Experience and Exploration in Trust with Brit Stueven and Danielle Barbeau Cook tonight at The River Power Vinyasa. Use a blindfold during your practice to embrace self-doubt and confusion. Move into bravery and intuition. Enjoy complimentary wine, sparkling water and snacks after the workshop. Or Bring a Dude to Yoga tonight at Container Collective Yoga & Bikes and enjoy a free beer after class.

Friday, March 17: Lori Glazebrook and Maggie Carraher bring Discovering Your Depth: Dealing with Stress & Anxiety to Soul Tree Simpson Studio this afternoon. Use the chakras to uncover what is holding you back from reaching your full potential. This monthly workshop includes a yoga flow practice and energetic clearing.

If you are dealing with scoliosis or if you are a yoga teacher wanting to assist students with scoliosis, sign up for Elise Miller’s Weekend Workshop at Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver. Learn about the anatomy and psychological consequences of scoliosis. Identify each participant’s scoliosis and how to adapt specific yoga postures to their body.

Dance, meditate, or relax to the healing vibrations at Mind Free Friday: Experiential Sound Healing with Lauren Gale tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Move into a higher state of consciousness with music ranging from indigenous to electric. Or join Chris Tate for The Science of Meditation tonight at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Discuss the neuroscience and physics behind meditation. Put these concepts into action with a guided meditation focusing on your ability to sense the space inside your body. Watch the prerequisite video below.

Saturday, March 18: Increase mobility at the RAD Self Massage Workshop with Stephanie Lauck this morning at Container Collective Yoga & Bikes.

Check out The Warrior’s Heart: A Theme Weaver Workshop with international teachers and authors Christina Sell and Michelle Marchildon this weekend at One Yoga. Explore the Bhagavad Gita and its instructions about living with honor and purpose. Christina and Michelle apply the Theme Weaver principles through storytelling and asana practice. Watch Christina’s Bakasana videos below.

Join Mindy Arbuckle for a Mantra Mudra Workshop today at Maitri Yoga Arvada. Learn how to create a mantra meditation practice and how to use a mala. Use repetition of Sanskrit mantras with hand mudras to focus the mind and “improve various aspects of your life.”

Enjoy one of these afternoon workshops. Explore asana, mantra, myth, mudra and meditation at Sacred Flow with Jeanie Manchester and Mike Cohen at Samadhi Yoga Golden Triangle (watch Mike Cohen live at Boulder’s Shine Restaurant in the video below). Target tight muscles to increase range of motion and improve circulation at the Myofascial Release Workshop with Allie Geer at Full Circle Yoga. Deeply relax with restorative poses, meditation and yoga nidra at the Restorative Spring Equinox workshop with Joyce Miyagishima at Kindness Yoga Hilltop. Explore honesty and accountability at Mindful Commitments with Rob Jackson and John Shapiro at Vital Center for Mind-Body Health. Combine yoga with classical ballet barre work at Amanda Dittmer’s Barre-asana: a Barre + Yoga Fusion Workshop at The Yoga Mat. Empower, Engage and Enlighten with Lisa Richards wraps up at Yoga Pod Southglenn, with a focus on Arm Balances and Inversions. Accompany your child, age 4-10, to the Kids Yoga Workshop with Natalia Olejarnik at Maitri Yoga. Or release what is no longer serving you and set new intentions at Spring Cleaning for the Whole Being with Margaret Lasater James at Mudra Yoga Pearl Street. Discuss how Ayurveda can assist you in finding balance, move blocked energy with an active asana practice, then relax with a renewing restorative practice.

Explore the chakras this afternoon. The Seven Chakras Series with Adi Luna and Susie Ritchey continues at Asana Studio. Prepare the body with movement, mantra and meditation, then paint a yantra (sacred geometric diagram) to use in your home meditation practice. Or join Lourdes Wiley at Castle Rock’s Ashva Yoga to explore chakras 4 through 7. Discussion is followed by a yoga practice incorporating breath work and aromatherapy.

Connect and Receive with Reiki with Christy Willett and Jennie Rindler this evening at longmont’s Full Circle Yoga. Receive an individual Reiki healing session while you are guided through a group meditation.

Shine light on your shadows at Radiance of Darkness: An Equinox Sound Ceremony with Joy Sylvia and Michael Heartsong tonight at Ceremony Healing Center. Vocal toning and chanting are accompanied by singing bowls, rattles and drumming.

Enjoy the Crystal Bowls and Singing Plants Sound Bath tonight at Container Collective Yoga & Bikes. Or learn about the patterns in the heavens at Stars & Sounds: An Evolutionary Equinox Journey with Ananda Glick and Eugina Krok tonight at Karma Yoga Center. Set your intention and clear blockages with guided meditation. Enjoy a sacred sound healing with vocal toning, singing bowls and gongs. Watch one of Eugina’s videos below.

Sunday, March 19: Review the marma points at Advanced Marma Therapy with Hansa today at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala. Learn how to stimulate the points through Ayurvedic massage, asana, breath work, meditation and more.

Work through your loss at Yoga for Grief with mindfulness-based therapist, yoga therapist and former hospice nurse Daria Leslea, beginning this afternoon at Kosha Yoga Center. Honor yourself by telling your story. Learn how to use your breath and gentle yoga movements to let your feelings move through you for transformation. Space is limited for this 4-week series.

The Art of Assisting Continues: Discover More About Your Students with Cheryl Deer this afternoon at Samadhi Yoga Uptown. Learn to administer verbal and manual assists for wheel pose, binds, twists, inversions and restorative poses.

Join Alexandra Johnson, MD for Breema: Harmony in Daily Life this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Increase your energy with Breema® bodywork, self-Breema exercises, and the 9 principles of harmony.

The afternoon workshops don’t end there! Make your own mala and learn how to use it in your meditation practice with Alyssa Gun at Elevate Yoga. Celebrate the sun, moon, and earth at the Equinox Workshop with Bri Wells at Asana Studio. Sign up your little ones age 10 and under for the Meanie Face Kids Spring Yoga Workshop at The Yoga Mat. Explore the Power of the Hands and Feet through Reflexology with Amy P. at Vital Center for Mind-Body Health. Or harmonize your body this equinox with Yin and Acupuncture with Yoga Teacher Mike Ninomiya And Licensed Acupuncturists Shannon Stevens & Natalie Franciose at Kindness Yoga Hilltop.

Celebrate the Spring Equinox with 2 special classes at Studio Anjali at The Westin in Avon. Janet Casson leads 108 Sun Salutations at Yoga Mala this afternoon. Or join Tara Goike this evening for restorative yoga at Springtime Rest & Renew. Pre-registration is recommended.